XO Conference

XO Conference

2 Seasons

The XO Conference is a unique event designed to reawaken romance as you experience a deeper level of intimacy in your marriage. Discover the secrets to strengthen your relationship and build a firm foundation for the future!

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XO Conference
  • "How to Build a Better Spouse" | Jimmy Evans

    Episode 1

    Reawaken romance in your relationship as Jimmy Evans shares practical steps to strengthen your marriage by becoming a better spouse from the XO Conference!

  • "What If It's Messy?" | Michael Todd

    Episode 2

    Be filled with hope for the future of your marriage as Michael Todd shares how God can take even the biggest mess and transform it into a miracle from the XO Conference!

  • "Unpack YOUR Bags" | Tim Ross

    Episode 3

    Move forward with bold faith for your marriage as Tim Ross shares why it's important to let God heal the pain of your past and strengthen you for the future from the XO Conference!

  • "Some Things Never Change" | Dan Lian

    Episode 4

    Forge an unbreakable bond in your marriage as Dan Lian shares how the unchanging Word of God can help you overcome every challenge from the XO Conference!