The Prophetic Connection

The Prophetic Connection

18 Episodes

The Prophetic Connection, filmed entirely on location in Israel, offers a biblical and prophetic exploration of Israel, past, present and future. Rev. Dr. John Tweedie acts as on-camera host and teacher as he makes prophetic connections between the Old and New Testaments. Each exciting episode includes commentary from some of Israel’s leading pastors, rabbis, archeologists and historians.

Because TPC presents a relevant and biblically-based analysis of our 21st century troubled times, even as it offers a window of hope into God’s glorious future, each new season is welcomed by those anxious to hear God’s truth proclaimed among the nations in anticipation of Christ’s soon return!

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The Prophetic Connection
  • Caught Up to the Highest Heaven

    Episode 1

    Is it possible to visit heaven while still living on earth?

  • The Views from Heaven and Hell

    Episode 2

    Are people who go to heaven or hell conscious of their past lives and relatives?

  • Angels and the Host of Heaven

    Episode 3

    Do angels really exist? If so, what do they do?

  • Chariots of Fire

    Episode 4

    Is it possible to go to heaven without dying first?

  • Commander of the Lord's Army

    Episode 5

    Can you imagine coming face to face with an Angel God sent to you from heaven?

  • The Return of Israel

    Episode 6

  • Stairway to the Gate of Heaven

    Episode 7

    Does God still speak to people through their dreams?

  • A Place Called Heaven

    Episode 8

    Where is heaven? If you had the opportunity to go to heaven today, would you take it?

  • Your Kingdom Come

    Episode 9

    As far as we know, Jesus taught His disciples one specific prayer, the Lord's Prayer. And within the Lord's Prayer, the words: pray "Thy Kingdom Come, Thy will be done." But when will the Kingdom Come?

  • Life Lessons from Daniel

    Episode 10

    Is there a secret to living the best of all lives?

  • God's New World Order

    Episode 11

    While the world continues to talk about a new world order, God is planning a new world order of His own.

  • The Great White Throne Judgement

    Episode 12

    Have you ever stood before a judge in a court of law? Will you do so in the future?

  • The Millennial Kingdom

    Episode 13

    Do you believe in the existence of an evil being, known as the Devil or Satan?

  • When Kingdoms Clash

    Episode 14

    Why does the Old Testament end with the book of Malachi and the New Testament begin with a book of Matthew, leaving a gap of 400 years?

  • Life at the End of Days

    Episode 15

    Could we be living in the terminal generation, that last generation that will witness the Second Coming of Christ to Jerusalem?

  • Apostasy and Delusion

    Episode 16

    There are places in the western world where the Church is struggling to survive. Yet, there are other places in the third world where despite intense persecution, the Church is thriving as never before.

  • Wars, Famines and Pestilences

    Episode 17

    If or when war breaks out again in the Middle East, where I'm standing will be in the cross hairs. Find out why..

  • The Restoration of Israel

    Episode 18

    The prophet Isaiah once asked, can a nation be born in a day?