The Green Room

The Green Room

4 Seasons

Step inside The Green Room and join Jonathan and Suzy Lamb as they get to know your favorite “Marcus and Joni” guests better. These personal stories and heart-felt words of encouragement are sure to lift your spirits and brighten your day.

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The Green Room
  • Restoration, Prayer & Worship

    David Harris Jr opens up about God's restoration in the messiest part of his life, Corey Russell teaches us how to pray, and Brandin Reed shares his testimony alongside a special song of worship.

  • Couples in Love and in Action

    Sean & Lanette Reed talk about successfully making it through a marriage in transition, Pastors Luke & Angel Barnett share their vision for the former polygamous cult driven Colorado City, Pastors Ron & Hope Carpenter reveal how God redeemed the most painful parts of their marriage.

  • Mind of a Man: The Jezebel Spirit

    Pastor Jimmy Evans breaks down the Jezebel Spirit, and then, Pastor Landon Schott, Kenyon Coleman, and Jonathan Weiss discuss how they tackle this spirit in today's world in a new segment hosted by Jonathan Lamb, "Mind of a Man."

  • A 2021 TGR Mother's Day Special

    Don't miss this TGR Mother's Day Special as Tanuja Sagar and Joni Lamb share a powerful devotional, Israel & Arielle answer fun questions about their mom, Suzy, and a panel of ladies discuss motherhood and all they've experienced so far.

  • TGR Worship Series Part 2

    Join us for another TGR worship series special featuring testimonies and music from talented artists like Sean Feucht, Jasmine Tate, and Madison Serban.

  • The Supernatural Power of God

    Pastors Nicky & Lillian Van Der Westhuizen reveals ways we can encounter God’s presence, Pastor Kynan Bridges unlocks the code to the supernatural, Bobby Petrocelli shares how he overcame tragedy, Pastor Chris Wesley shares his ministry journey.

  • Overcoming Disappointments, Tragedy, and Religion

    Lysa Terkeurst helps us learn how to overcome disappointment, Denise Boggs shares the miraculous healing story of her son, Pastor Alex Himaya breaks down why Jesus hates religion.

  • TGR Worship Series Part 1

    Don't miss this special debut of the TGR Worship Series as Suzy Lamb reveals her own original music project, followed by Jonathan Traylor & Madison Binion sharing their heart for music and God's presence.

  • Exposing Transhumanism

    Dr. Tom Horn exposes the truth behind transhumanism, Pastor Troy Brewer breaks the silence and encourages our faith, Barry Segal breaks down Anti-Semitism and the hope for peace in Israel.

  • Remembering God's Promises

    Larry Taunton shares his experiences traveling the world in more than 80 days, Dr. Jack Graham gives the church an encouraging word, Dr. Marilyn Hickey leaves us words of wisdom, Rob Ketterling explains the effects of leaders operating at the Speed of Unity.

  • Healing After the Loss of a Child

    Sean Feucht shares his heart behind worship, Casey & Stacy Henagan open up about the loss of their child, Pastor Troy Brewer encourages the church forward in the midst of trying times.

  • Prophecies, Racial Reconciliation, and Life Inside the Womb

    Jeremiah Johnson & Will Ford III call for believers to lead the way in racial reconciliation, Sheila Harper opens up about her past abortion and the healing she found, Walter B Hoye II talks about being black and pro-life in America.

  • From Failing Marriage to Thriving Marriage

    Join us for a very Valentine's Day Special in The Green Room full of love, laughs, and encouraging words.

  • To Heaven and Back

    Dr. Steve Lawson shares his miraculous story surviving a mosquito bite, Charlotte Holmes reveals the beauty of heaven, Adina Kring opens up about being in heaven and back, Lydia Schlentz shares a special devotional on miscarriage.

  • Fighting the Good Fight

    Magdalena Battles shares the behaviors that destroy families, Dean & Lexy Hopper open up on how they were able to overcome heartache and depression within their family, Marcus Mecum passionately encourages today's generation.

  • Surrendering Addiction

    Father Cedric Pisegna shares a powerful word for those fighting addiction, Dr. Tony O'Donnell provides practical steps to finding sobriety and connection, Kendra Von Esh opens up about her moment of surrender.

  • Pulse Nightclub Shooting Survivor Story

    Angel Colon shares how God changed his life forever after the Pulse Night Club shooting in Orlando; Jim & Amanda Domen share their testimony & heart for the LGBTQ community.

  • Receiving from Heaven

    Charles Mizrahi talks all things finance, Dr. Lance Wallnau shares the 7 primary ways to tell if a nation is oppressed or free, Kevin Zadai shows us how to receive from heaven, Dr. Jerry Mungadze reveals the psychology of racism and how to fight it.

  • Prayers to Destroy Fear

    Hank & Brenda Kunneman breaks down what it means to be prophetic, John Ramirez helps us destroy our fears, Dr. Jon Chasteen equips us to battle for healing, Pastor Jerry Madden reminds us of the simplicity yet power of the Gospel.