The Green Room

The Green Room

4 Seasons

Step inside The Green Room and join Jonathan and Suzy Lamb as they get to know your favorite “Marcus and Joni” guests better. These personal stories and heart-felt words of encouragement are sure to lift your spirits and brighten your day.

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The Green Room
  • Popular in Heaven, Famous in Hell

    Episode 1

    12.28.2018 | R.T. Kendall & Bobby Connor talk about being Popular in Heaven & Famous in Hell; Tommy Bates joins us for a conversation and leaves us with a song, Then we hear what God is doing for Messianic Jews with Joe Liberman as well as Joel & Myrium Chernoff.

  • How to Make Famous Holiday Chocolate Pie

    Episode 2

    12.14.2018 | The Green Room gets ready for Christmas as Suzy cooks a Lamb Family Christmas Dessert with Marcus & Joni.Then the Christmas Spirit continues with interviews with Dr. Jack Graham and O.S. Hawkins.

  • Healing from Cancer

    Episode 3

    11.30.2018 | Russ & Tori Taff join us on set; We get to know Jada Edwards through her Instagram Account; Peter Vandenberg shares about healing from cancer; And we have great conversations with Sheryl Brady from The Potter's House.

  • The Call of a Preacher

    Episode 4

    11.23.2018 | "Name That worship Song" with Sandi Patti; Film maker Dallas Jenkins shares his latest project; Kathy Koch & Sheila Walsh talk about their new books; And Pastor Ralph West talks about the call of the preacher.

  • Drugs, Addictions & Crime

    Episode 5

    11.09.2018 | John Hagee takes our "60 second sermon" challenge & shows us his newest book; Dr. Donald Lichi talks about one of the greatest spiritual battles; John Skipworth shares his prison inmate to pastor testimony; And Al & Tava Brice talk about what God is doing at Covenant Love Church.

  • From 3 Miscarriages to Triplets

    Episode 6

    10.26.2018 | Find out how God delivered when Ryan & Julia Sadler prayed for triplets, hear a word on Fearing God from Suzy Lamb, and listen to great conversations with two inspiring ministry couples.Kevin & M'Lisa Goff from The Rock Church in Arizona and Dr. Jim & Marguerite Reeve from Faith Chur...

  • Behind the Life of the Late, Great Billy Graham

    Episode 7

    10.19.2018 | Tune in for the ultimate story of justice with Kelvin Cochran, and get a deeper look into the life of Dr. Billy Graham from his own pastor Dr. Don Wilton. Then we'll play rapid-fire questions with Dr. Robert Jeffress and hear from Dave Patterson.

  • On Death's Doorstep with Robert & Debbie Morris

    Episode 8

    10.12.2018 | Jonathan challenges NFL Hall of Famer to a game of "Random Item Football Toss" and Robert & Debbie Morris share how they overcame a near death experience. Then Dr. Kevin Leman shares wisdom for families & Miles McPherson teaches us how to lead in unity.

  • Overnight Body Transformation

    Episode 9

    10.05.2018 | Tune in now for "Rapid Fire Questions" with Christine Caine, a powerful testimony of healing with Amy Keesee Freudiger, & great conversations with John Palmer, and David Silver.

  • How to attend Church from Home

    Episode 10

    09.24.2018 | Rick & Denise Renner share about ministry life in Moscow and Shani Ferguson brings her entire family from Jerusalem to join us on set. Then, we blindfold David & Nicole Crank for a game we call "Name That Preacher."

  • Reasons Why You Should Quit Church

    Episode 11

    09.17.2018 | Jonathan learns a new way to putt with David Cook, Dr. William Martin talks about the legendary Billy Graham, Paul Cain shares lessons learned from his life in ministry, & Chris Sonksen tells us why to "Quit Church."

  • Get to know Joyce Meyer

    Episode 12

    09.10.2018 | Catch our session of "Rapid Fire Questions" with Joyce Meyer and hear how Bob Woodsen and Chris Kishiyama are impacting their communities.Then Kevin Levar shares a song off his album that almost brought him to tears in the recording studio.

  • Married & Divorced in Ministry

    Episode 13

    09.03.2018 | Come hear a powerful prodigal testimony from Karen Wheaton and watch what happened when we challenged Kimberly Jones-Pothier to give a"60 Second Sermon." Then catch our great conversations with Dr, Michael Youseff, Butch Hartman, and Carl & Colleen Lewis.

  • 911 Survivor Story

    Episode 14

    08.28.2018 | A visit from Josh & Rachel Brown make this a must watch Green Room!You'll also hear what God is doing in the ministries of Tich & Joan Smith, Clay & Renee Crosse, and Sujo John.

  • Praise Break with River Valley Worship

    Episode 15

    08.21.2018 | Jonathan & Suzy sit down with ground breaking rock star Eddie DeGarmo. Gary Bentley shares hope for those stuck in the cycle of addiction, Gary Mortara talks golf and the Holy Spirit, and River Valley Worship fill the studio with music and fun!

  • On the Clock Sermons with Rich Wilkerson Jr. & Sammy Rodriguez

    Episode 16

    08.14.2018 | Come hear an impromptu 60 second sermon from Rich Wilkerson Jr. and Samuel Rodriguez.Then, listen in as Jonathan and Suzy ask some great questions about about life and business with Chic-Fil-A VP Rodney Bullard and former Dollar General CEO Cal Turner Jr.

  • Going the Extra Mile Financially & Socially

    Episode 17

    07.31.2018 | Today in The Green Room Pastors Gary & Drenda Keesee will answer financial questions submitted by our viewers.We'll also hear from Grammy nominated music executive Robert Beeson, Champions Club founder Craig Johnson, & Irving Bible Church Pastor Andy McQuitty.

  • Truths behind the CIA, Business, & Slavery

    Episode 18

    07.24.2018 | Michele Rigby Assad shares about going undercover for the CIA, Troy & Leanna Brewer talk about saving people bound by slavery, Mark Rutland answers your business leadership questions, and Randy Caldwell brings an encouraging word just for you.

  • After the Storm with Juanita Bynum

    Episode 19

    07.17.2018 | Join us in The Green Room for an acoustic performance by the Leferve Quartet, viewer Q&A with Juanita Bynum, and interviews with Nancy Stafford, Fred Sievert, and Darius & Cindy Johnston.

  • Living in the Unexpected with Christine Caine

    Episode 20

    07.10.2018 | Join us as we take a close look at Mia Wright's Instagram account, play Never Have I Ever with Andy Thompson, and hear all that God is doing through Christine Caine, Tourè Roberts, Aaron Bagwell, and Tom & Sid Renfro.

  • Not so Newlyweds with Marcus & Joni Lamb

    Episode 21

    07.03.2018 | Jonathan & Suzy welcome Marcus & Joni Lamb, into Daystar's brand new Studio C!Marcus & Joni share their love story, talk about how Daystar got started, and more! Stay until the entertaining end as the two couples square off in the Not So Newlywed Game.

  • Getting to Know the real Lisa Bevere

    Episode 22

    08.07.2018 | Rapid Fire Questions with Lisa Bevere, Name That Worship Song with Juanita Francis, and an inspiring conversation with the wife of the Vice President of Kenya.This episode has it all!

  • New Season, New Studio

    Episode 23

    05.19.2018 | So what does it take to create a brand new production studio?Journey with Jonathan, Suzy, and The Green Room team as we design, build, and decorate Daystar's new Studio C.Be sure to stick around for the end to catch a sneak peek of Jonathan & Suzy's first interview in the new studio ...