The Green Room

The Green Room

3 Seasons

Step inside The Green Room and join Jonathan and Suzy Lamb as they get to know your favorite “Marcus and Joni” guests better. These personal stories and heart-felt words of encouragement are sure to lift your spirits and brighten your day.

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The Green Room
  • Joel & Victoria Osteen's Love Story

    Episode 1

    05.24.2019 | Kathy Lee Gifford & Nicole C. Mullen collaborate on a stirring music video, Dr. A.R. Bernard talks about Happiness, Victoria Osteen reveals how to have an exceptional thought life, and Landon & Heather Schott share stories from their new church plant in Ft. Worth, Texas.

  • Find Out Where God Is with John Bevere

    Episode 2

    05.17.2019 | We take a dive into John Bevere's new book "God Where Are You?!" Nancy Alcorn shares her impactful girls ministry; Katherine Ruonala & Daniel Zelli show what God can do when ministries work together. Dr. Nicole Yost & Dr. Kevin Magee talk about maternal-fetal medicine.

  • Phil Robertson Plays Duck Hunt for The First Time

    Episode 3

    05.10.2019 | Phil Robertson talks faith & duck hunting, Charlotte Gambill shows us her unique devotional, Dr.'s Haywood & Noreen Robinson share their Prolife conversion, and Robert Henderson & Bishop James Dixon share their ministries.

  • Health & Essential Oils

    Episode 4

    05.03.2019 | Dr. Axe & Jordan Rubin answer viewer questions about Keto & Essential Oils, Baruch Korman talks about loving Israel, Maralee Dawn shares her talent for ventriloquism, and Dr. Donald Lichi gets real with Jonathan & Suzy about relationships.

  • Jesse Duplantis Visits Heaven

    Episode 5

    04.19.2019 | David & Jason Benham display their competitive side, Jesse Duplantis talks about what he saw in heaven, Kelly Shackelford shares battle stories from fighting for religious liberties, and Russell Evans takes us for a musical walk down memory lane.

  • Building a Family Legacy of Faith

    Episode 6

    04.12.2019 | Steve Cioccolanti, The Blind Boys of Alabama share their latest songs, Jonathan & Shari Falwell reflects on building a family legacy of faith, and Addison Adamu talks about the salvation of his home village in Ghana.

  • How to Keto

    Episode 7

    04.05.2019 | Doug Clay gives a riveting "60-second sermon", Dr. Don Colbert helps us plan some quality keto meals, Jerry & Sandy Bernard share the secrets to a happy & healthy marriage, and John George gives his amazing turnaround testimony.

  • The Best Food in Africa

    Episode 8

    03.29.2019 | Hear a song from Nigerian recording artist Glowreeyah Braimah. Then Paul Morton talks about embracing change, Bobby Connor gives scripture supporting the Pro Life movement, and Tim Hill shares his book "The Speed of Favor"

  • How to Be a Good Lover

    Episode 9

    Love guru Dr. Doug Weiss shares his new book "Lover Spouse." Jonathan Bernis talks about the ongoing crisis in the Middle East, Ken & Lynette Hagin introduce a special edition of the Bible, and Robert Morris talks about being "Beyond Blessed."

  • Married Before The Wedding

    Episode 10

    03.15.2019 | Dr's Michael & DeeDee Freeman share their love story and play Him or Her. Don Piper tells us who he met when he went to heaven. Lt Col. Allen West shares a word for the young people of America, and Randy Clark shares stories of divine healing.

  • How to Pray

    Episode 11

    03.08.2019 | Will Graham shares stories about Rev. Billy Graham & introduces us to his new book. Dr. Michael Boadi Nyamekye & Jonathan Miller tell how God is moving in Ghana. John Hannah teaches about prayer & Dr. Kenneth Ulmer talks about generational blessing.

  • Lamb Family Love Stories

    Episode 12

    02.15.2019 | Anna Kendall stops by to talk about using the "Life Languages" assessment to better communicate with your spouse. We consult a "singles panel" to learn about faith & dating. And the Lamb Family get candid about love, weddings, & valentines.

  • End Time Prophecies

    Episode 13

    02.08.2019 | Troy Brewer discusses end times prophesy and Dr. Curt Dodd teaches on how to handle times of struggle. Plus basketball evangelism with Randy Shephard, nutritional advice from Jordan Rubin, and the spiritual state of the union with David Barton.

  • Supernatural Stories with Guillermo Maldonado

    Episode 14

    02.01.2019 | Apostle Maldonado teaches about the supernatural, Tommy Waller shares his calling to Israel, Sandra Dalton-Smith talks about the power of rest, & Stephen Baldwin previews his newest film "The Least of These."

  • Escaping a Shark Attack

    Episode 15

    02.22.2019 | We turn Studio C into a beach to welcome Jurgen Matthesius. Lloyd Bustard shares a prophetic testimony. Jim Willoughby talks about overcoming grief. Erwin McManus and Lt. Col. Allen West share their new books.

  • Overcoming Addiction

    Episode 16

    01.25.2019 | Bishop Keith Butler shares his passion to help persecuted Christians, Jim Blanchard talks about overcoming addiction, and Bruce Van Natta tells of his near death experience. Then award winning music artist Don Moen introduces us to his new book "God

  • Brotherhood After Racism

    Episode 17

    01.18.2019 | Will Ford & Matt Lockett share how their connection dates back to the American Slave trade.Mark & Grace Driscoll take a deep dive into their Instagram account before we break out the putting green with pastor Justin Dailey.

  • Miraculous Testimonies with Todd White

    Episode 18

    01.04.2019 | Todd White shares about Lifestyle Christianity University, then Squire Rushnell & Louise DuArt show off their storytelling talent while playing "Super Short Stories." Jonathan Feldstein invites you to run the Jerusalem Marathon and we get a preview of "The Dead Prophets Society" with...