The Green Room

The Green Room

4 Seasons

Step inside The Green Room and join Jonathan and Suzy Lamb as they get to know your favorite “Marcus and Joni” guests better. These personal stories and heart-felt words of encouragement are sure to lift your spirits and brighten your day.

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The Green Room
  • Communion & Healing with Joseph Prince

    Episode 1

    12.27.2019 | Joseph Prince takes Communion to a whole new level, Michael Davis shares more details behind his new song, Paula White Cain opens up about her past life and how she found something greater; and Cana's Voice performs a song off their new album.

  • Crazy Faith with Mike Todd

    Episode 2

    12.20.2019 | It's Christmas time in The Green Room as Marilyn Hickey reads a special selection, Jada Mayson sings a heart-felt tune, Shawn Bolz sheds a little prophetic light on the birth of Christ; and Michael Todd reveals his holiday traditions.

  • Answers to Depression & Suicide

    Episode 3

    12.06.2019 | Chris Moody gives us tactics against the enemy, Phil Nordin reveals more of his heart for missions in Ethiopia, Suzy shares a special devotional, Chad Daniel opens up about him dealing with depression and his father's suicide; and Father Cedric Pesigna talks about the power of prayer.

  • How to be Happy & Healed

    Episode 4

    11.29.2019 | Marilyn Hickey shares how to experience total healing; Max Lucado gives practical ways to stay happy; Suzy Lamb shares a new devotional; and Paula White Cain & Jonathan Cain share their unique love story.

  • Secrets & Addictions

    Episode 5

    11.22.2019 | Laura & Danielle Koke shares how their family overcame addiction, Myles & Katherine Weiss inform us how we can practically support Israel; and Joe Mettle performs a special song.

  • Talk Money to Me

    Episode 6

    11.08.2019 | Jordan Easley shows us how to end cycles; John Tweedie reveals God's power in life's trials; Jonathan Zeigler shares how missing a flight saved his life; and Rabbi Daniel Lapin talks finances.

  • I was a Racist.

    Episode 7

    11.01.2019 | Joth Hunt shares his healing testimony, At Boshoff shows how to push past the limits, and Micah Berteau takes God's love to a whole new level.

  • Daily prophetic Insight

    Episode 8

    10.25.2019 | Hank & Brenda Kunneman share prophetic devotionals; Doug Weiss gives insight on Partner Betrayal Trauma; And Gary & Drenda Keesee Play “Him or Her” & talk about being “Shark Proof.”

  • Get to Know Rabbi Jonathan Cahn

    Episode 9

    10.18.2019 | Merlon Devine talks about using your talents for God’s glory; Troy Brewer gives us prophetic insight into 2020; Rabbi Jonathan Cahn answers some fun exclusive questions; and Rabbi Kirt Schneider shares his new witnessing tool that is helping win soul

  • What is Worship?

    Episode 10

    10.11.2019 | Mark & Laurie Carouthers share their testimony about God's faithfulness in marriage; Anthony & Mickey Mangun talk about the importance of worship; Bob Rodgers informs us of the unfortunate reality of human trafficking, and what he's doing to end it; and Joshua Aaron leaves us with a ...

  • From Royalty to Poverty

    09.27.2019 | Navy Seal, actor, & author Remi Adeleke shares his moving testimony, Dr. Billy Wilson updates us on what God is doing at Oral Roberts University, Kobi & Shani Ferguson have fun with "Him or Her", and James Robison give hope for the future of the Church in America

  • Ferocious Warrior with Cora Jakes Coleman

    09.20.2019 | Cora Jakes Coleman talks about life, ministry, and being a ferocious warrior; Ben Courson calls us all to be "Optimisfits," Andy Thompson joins us for the challenging game"Super Short Stories"; And we get to know John & Debbie Lindell with a round of "Him or Her."

  • Let God fight your battle with Joyce Meyer

    Episode 13

    09.06.2019 | Joyce Meyer talks about giving your battles to God; Samuel Rodriguez drops by to declare “You Are Next.” Katherine Ruonala tells us how to speak life with our words; And Silvio Ribeiro shares his drug criminal to apostle conversion story.

  • Guy Penrod was chased by a Mama Cow

    08.30.2019 | Filmmaking brothers Alex & Stephen Kendrick share stories straight from the movie set; Pat & Karen Schatzline challenge us to Restore the Roar; Then we get to know gospel music legend Guy Penrod through a game of "Never Have I Ever."

  • God Watches Over Us

    08.23.2019 | Onterio & Crystal Green tell how God is moving in their ministry; Suzy Lamb shares a message on how God watches over us; Isaac Pitre shares the scoop on his latest Instagram posts, and Paul Wilber talks about his live worship project recorded in Israel.

  • Toxic Faith

    08.09.2019 | Ken Harrison teaches on "The Rise of the Servant Kings"; We hear live music from the award winning Voices of Lee; Carla Shellis shares her innovative Bochy Box; and Paul Goulet helps us find freedom from toxic faith.

  • Surviving Suicide

    08.02.2019 | Sergio De La Mora introduces us to "The God Who Breaks the Rules; Curt Landry shares his ministry in Israel; Anthony Evans sings "Raise a Hallelujah; and Matthew Mattera gets real about surviving suicide.

  • Biblical Mysteries with Jonathan Cahn

    07.26.2019 | Todd White shares what God is doing in Brazil; Rabbi Jonathan Cahn unveils his newest book "The Oracle; Rick Godwin talks about the Christian call to "Fly Higher; Forever JONES goes all in with our game "Name That Worship Song.

  • How To Hear God

    07.12.2019 | Shawn Bolz talks about the gift of prophecy; Comedian Jeff Allen opens up about dealing with anger and alcoholism, Dr. Ron Phillips gets deep about the supernatural; Troy & Leanna Brewer teach us how to hear from God.

  • Sri Lankan Pastor Talks about Bombing

    07.05.2019 | We blindfold Rich Wilkerson for a game of "Name That Preacher; The Ketterling Family get real about praying for healing, Jerome Fernando shares the aftermath of a church bombing in Sri Lanka, and Charles Billingsly recalls his start in music & leads us in worship.

  • How to Write a Song with Darlene Zschech

    06.21.2019 | Michael Todd shares his story & gives an impromptu 60 Second Sermon, music legend Darlene Zschech talks about songwriting, Nicole Crank reveals the hardships God helped bring her through, and the Ketterling family share their son's healing from autism.

  • How to Have Faith When Your Spouse is Dying

    06.07.2019 | Rebecca Lamb joins us for a meaningful conversation about marriage with Myles & Katherine Weiss, Bishop Tony Miller takes our 60 Second Sermon Challenge, Dr. A.R. Bernard talks about the 4 things women want from a man, & Chuck & Jenni Borsalino share their incredible story of healing.

  • 24 Hour Prayer in New York

    05.31.2019 | Carter Conlon shares what God is doing in Times Square Church, Tasha Treat blesses us with her music, Troy Maxwell talks about his ministry through Freedom House Church, and Casey & Wendy Treat talk faith and family.

  • Overcoming Sexual Abuse with Brenda Crouch

    06.14.2019 | Dudley Rutherford talks about life and ministry as we take a fun look at his Instagram, Israel Campbell takes us deep into the story of King David to learn about Sonship, and Brenda Crouch uses her story to urge you to move forward from past hurt.