The Green Room

The Green Room

4 Seasons

Step inside The Green Room and join Jonathan and Suzy Lamb as they get to know your favorite “Marcus and Joni” guests better. These personal stories and heart-felt words of encouragement are sure to lift your spirits and brighten your day.

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The Green Room
  • How to Achieve Your Goals

    Pastors David & Nicole Crank encourages us to make & chase our goals, Joshua Brown shares a special devotional from his heart, Pastor Shaun Nepstad motivates us to not quit in the dips of life.

  • TGR Christmas Special

    It's feeling a lot like Christmas as the Lamb family welcomes you into
    their home for some holiday fun, Suzy Lamb shares a powerful
    devotional, and the Saving Moses organization reveal special

  • The Story of Hanukkah

    It's a TGR Christmas special as Pastor Samuel Rodriguez is tested on his holiday music knowledge, Jamie Jamgochian shares her miraculous
    healing story, Lysa TerKeurst talks about the power of forgiveness, and
    Jonathan Weiss gives us a taste of Hanukkah.

  • All About Apologizing

    Dr. Gary Chapman reveals the 5 apology languages; Dr. Tim Clinton helps people facing mental health issues; Ron Deal gives blended families the hope and tools to succeed.

  • Thanksgiving Special

    The Green Room celebrates Thanksgiving in a special way - as they reflect, have fun, and look forward to the future.

  • Kevin Zadai Visits Heaven

    Kevin Zadai talks about the power of God's voice; Bishop Patrick Wooden Sr. shares his passion to fight for the rights of the unborn; Drenda Keesee gets real about her past and hope for the future; Eric Metaxas points us back to freedom as America reaches her tipping point.

  • How to Hear From God

    James Goll opens up about love and loss; Jeremiah Johnson points us forward to the post-quarantine church; Larry Huch shares the 7 living prophecies.

  • Racism In The Heart

    Pastor Dan Willis challenges the church toward racial reconciliation; Pastor Dave Sumrall encourages us to break the cycle of racial divides and injustice; Pastor Tommy Brandon shares details behind the Kingdom Lifestyle; Dr. Kynan Bridges breaks down identity and living a miraculous life.

  • Life After the Loss of a Spouse

    Susan Bozarth encourages us to not miss out on God's divine appointments; Dr. Steve Lawson shares how God miraculously saved his life; Landra Hughes opens up about finding her true identity.

  • Healing Marriage after Infidelity

    Herbie Newell inspires us to keep fighting for life; Mike Fabarez challenges parents to raise men not boys; Brian & Elisha Magill open up about their pain and how God healed their marriage; Jenn Bostic shares her love for music.

  • Powerful Conversion from Islam to Christianity

    Ramin Parsa and Mohamad Faridi open up about their past life in the Islamic faith and why they follow Jesus; Dr. Derek Grier reveals ways people can grab God's attention; Rabbi Itzhak Shapira shares how he accepted Jesus as Messiah.

  • Are we Living in The End Times?

    For a special end-times episode Jimmy Evans reveals tipping point revelations, Jeremiah Johnson gives prophetic insight for the days ahead, Dr. Thomas Horn shares details behind the Wormwood prophecy, and Irvin Baxter exposes mysteries behind the Book of Revelations.

  • What the Bible Says About Sexual Identity

    In a special series on sexual identity, Janet Boynes reveals how she found freedom from same-sex desires and identity dysphoria, and then Pastor Landon Schott shares a special devotional from his heart on the matter.

  • Overcoming Sexual Identity Struggles

    In this special TGR episode on sexual identity, Edward Byrd, Evangelist Nichol Collins, and Pastor Grayson Bearden open up about their past and share how they found hope, love, and freedom.

  • How to Answer Hard Questions about Sexual Identity

    In a special TGR series, Joe Dallas answers some of the toughest questions on sexual identity to help people open up this discussion.

  • Why We Should Pray for America

    Aquilla Nash talks about the gift of prophecy; Dr. Robert Jeffress shares stories and prayers for America; Dr. Jerry Savelle gives a special word for today’s church; Doug Anderson opens up about a difficult family loss.

  • Relationship Goals

    Mike & Natalie Todd give us the scoop behind dating, sex, and marriage; David & Ashtyn Crank team up as a daddy daughter duo, answering tough questions behind relationships; Bishop Marvin Sapp shares his testimony and song from his heart.

  • A Prayer for Healing

    Nicole C Mullen reveals the story behind her song, My Redeemer; Suzy Lamb shares a special devotional from her heart; Josh Brown gives a powerful word of encouragement.

  • The Truth About Abortion

    Ramona Trevino opens up on why she left Planned Parenthood, Shawn Carney shares his passion behind 40 Days for Life, Some of the toughest questions surrounding abortion are answered, Dr. Jack Graham reveals effective ways to fight for life.

  • TGR Must Reads Book List

    Robert Borelli opens up about his journey in and out of the mafia; Joshua Gagnon encourages us to never give up; Virginia Prodan takes us back to the day she saved her assassin; Johnny McGown inspires Christians to step up.

  • The Key to a Healthy Marriage

    Jimmy Evans breaks down the Four Laws of Love; Kenneth Copeland gives advice on marriage, ministry, and more; Tim & Juliette Ross play a game of Him or Her and share details behind his new book.

  • A Panel Discussion on Race in America

    In this special episode we sat down with some of our Producers here at Daystar to discuss the current issue of racial injustice here in America.

  • What Everyone Needs to Know about Racism

    In this special episode comedian Michael Jr. opens up about a personal experience and also shares about his new movie, Tim & Juliette Ross share their hearts about the racial injustice happening in America.

  • Why Israel is so Important

    Dr. Victoria Sarvadi shares more details behind the Nathaniel Foundation, Nic Lesmeister & Greg Stone breaks down their vision for Israel and the Church, Jonathan Weiss shares a special devotional, Nazareth talks about finding hope in 24 hours.