The Green Room

The Green Room

3 Seasons

Step inside The Green Room and join Jonathan and Suzy Lamb as they get to know your favorite “Marcus and Joni” guests better. These personal stories and heart-felt words of encouragement are sure to lift your spirits and brighten your day.

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The Green Room
  • What You Need to Know about Demons

    Episode 1

    Lucas Connell opens up about his fight against mental illness, Anne Gimenez shares pieces of her life journey building the kingdom, Dr. David Herzog helps stir revival and awakening, and Diane & Jay Strack talk about the power of prayer.

  • The Truth about what God Sees

    Episode 2

    Tommy Barnett answers the biggest life question with his new book, Suzy Lamb shares her heart for this generation, Jentezen Franklin uncovers the beauty of living on acres of diamonds, and Troy Brewer shares his gift of prophecy.

  • Surviving an Assassination Attempt

    Episode 3

    Jonathan Weiss answers a big question about Israel, Barry & Batya Segal play an Israeli style of rapid fire questions, Yehudah Glick opens up about the assassination attempt on his life, and Dr. Billy Wilson shares his heart for Jerusalem 2020.

  • How to Be a Good Lover

    Episode 4

    Love guru Dr. Doug Weiss shares his new book "Lover Spouse." Jonathan Bernis talks about the ongoing crisis in the Middle East, Ken & Lynette Hagin introduce a special edition of the Bible, and Robert Morris talks about being "Beyond Blessed."

  • Creative Ways to Share Christ

    Episode 5

    Dr. Mark Rutland talks about the courage to be healed; Randy Shepherd merges basketball skills with an empowering word; Ryan Binkley shares his heart for Create Church; and Rabbi Jason Sobel opens up about how he found Yeshua.

  • Why Everyone Should Adopt a Child

    Episode 6

    Sheriff Bill Wayborn shares his heart for the fatherless; Dr. OS Hawkins talks more on Mission Dignity and new book; Andres Bisonni empowers us in the Holy Spirit; and Mark Maxwell reveals the secret to success.

  • Overcoming Years of Sexual Abuse

    Episode 7

    Landon & Heather Schott updates us on Mercy Culture Church, Rebekah Charleston shares how she found freedom from sex trafficking, Suzy shares another great devotional, and Bryan Jarrett opens up about the hurt of his past and how he's helping others now.

  • Keys to Healing a Broken Marriage

    Episode 8

    On this special Valentine's Day program we hear from relationship expert Jimmy Evans; play a fun game with David & Nicole Crank; and hear a heartfelt devotional from Suzy Lamb.

  • Lamb Family Love Stories

    Episode 9

    02.15.2019 | Anna Kendall stops by to talk about using the "Life Languages" assessment to better communicate with your spouse. We consult a "singles panel" to learn about faith & dating. And the Lamb Family get candid about love, weddings, & valentines.

  • Life after Surviving an Attack in Vietnam

    Episode 10

    01.31.20 | Robert Jeffress shares details behind his children’s book about heaven. Jude & Rebecca Fouquier talk about their ministry. Dave Roever opens up about the difficulties he faced after war. Then, Jason Kennedy talks about engaging today's millennials.

  • Life After Child Loss

    Episode 11

    01.24.20 | Steve Brock opens up about the hardest loss of his life and how God pulled him through, Rob Ketterling gives advice on leadership, Richard Ellis encourages people facing suicidal thoughts, and Faytene Grassechi motivates us to live a life marked by God.

  • How to Communicate Better

    Episode 12

    01.17.20 | Joel Chernoff shares what God is doing in Ethiopia, Anna Kendall lays out a better way to communicate, Curt Landry talks about reclaiming his forgotten heritage, and Heartcry of David share their heart for music and the Jewish people.

  • Powerful Hymn Sing-Along with 9-Year Old Grace Anna Rodgers

    Episode 13

    01.10.20 | Angela & Grace Anna Rodgers open up about their journey facing a rare form of dwarfism, Russell Evans preaches with style, Dr. James Merritt talks about Godly character; and Rod Loy reveals the benefits of immediate obedience.