• Tamela Mann | Tommy Lilja | Joe Martin Jr.

    Marcus & Joni - 2016

    09.06.2016 | Coming up on "Marcus and Joni," we are joined by special guests Tamela Mann, Tommy Lilja, and Joe Martin Jr.

  • It's a Mann's World | David & Tamela Mann

    Joni Table Talk - 2016

    David and Tamela Mann share how they are changing family television and Tamela sings from her new CD, One Way! (J1642)

  • Us Against the World | David & Tamela Mann

    Joni Table Talk - 2019

    What builds a lasting marriage? David and Tamela Mann stop by for a hilarious time as they share funny stories and personal moments that have defined their marriage. (J1840)

  • Robert & Pamela Crosby


    02.18.2020 | Join us as Dr. Robert and Pamela Crosby from Emerge Counseling share marital advice and answer viewer questions, alongside their book, “The Will of a Man & The Way of a Woman.”