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A daily original program for every day of your life.

Experience the highly anticipated Daystar original program “Reflections.” Every morning, enjoy breathtaking scenes from many of God’s miraculous creations. Be immersed in the Word of God while you take in the redwood forests, the California coast, the Hawaiian tropics, the Black Hills of South Dakota, Alaska’s icy terrain and more. Familiar hymns and beautifully produced original music accompany Scripture to help you let go and surrender during a time of daily prayer and meditation. We pray that it will not only bless you, but that it will provide a peaceful time and place to be still and hear the Lord.

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  • Season 2 | Episode 14

    Experience the Beauty of Black Hills South Dakota, Canyonlands National Park, and Caesaria, Israel.

  • Season 2 | Episode 15

    Enjoy the tranquil beaches of New Zealand, the volcanos of Costa Rica and the forests of Israel set to an inspirational score.

  • Season 2 | Episode 16

    Relax to the peaceful melodies as you journey to the Great Smoky Mountains, the Texas Grasslands, and the rainforests of Costa Rica.

  • Season 2 | Episode 17

    Explore the Golden Bay of New Zealand, the ruins of Beit She’an, Israel, And the flora of the tropics.

  • Season 2 | Episode 18

    Uncover the spectacular views of Spearfish Canyon, the majesty of Mitzpe Ramon, Israel, and the beauty of the snowcapped Rocky Mountains.

  • Season 2 | Episode 19

    Discover the allure of the forests of South Dakota, the surroundings of the Sea of Galilee and the waterfalls of the tropics.

  • Season 2 | Episode 20

    Encounter the dazzling creeks of Arkansas, the calming coasts of California, and the stunning vistas of Bryce Canyon.

  • Season 2 | Episode 21

    Revel in a babbling brook in Oklahoma, the snow covered peaks in Colorado and the stunning sights of Mitre Peak, New Zealand.

  • Season 2 | Episode 22

  • Season 2 | Episode 23

    Adventure into the white flurries of the Rocky Mountains, the jungles of Costa Rica, and the monumental landscapes of Death Valley.

  • Season 2 | Episode 24

    Enjoy the scenic surroundings of Costa Rica, the fertile forests of Tennessee, and the dramatic dessert valley views of California.

  • Season 2 | Episode 25

    Explore the waterfalls of Oklahoma, the beautiful blossoms of New Zealand, and a flowering oasis in the Israeli desert.

  • Season 2 | Episode 26

    Journey to the lush green peaks and valleys of New Zealand, the fertile floor of the Arizona desert, the snow covered summits of Colorado and more.

  • Season 2 | Episode 27

    Traverse through water laden jungles in the tropics, the rocky deserts of the southwest U.S., and the scenic vistas of Yosemite National Park.

  • Season 2 | Episode 28

    Retreat to the serene waters of Turner Falls, the blooming valleys of Israel, and the tall timberlands of the Ozarks.

  • Season 2 | Episode 29

    Discover the crystal blue lagoons of the Costa Rica, flowering fields near the Grand Canyon, and snow flurries of the Rocky Mountains.

  • Season 2 | Episode 30

    Uncover the marvelous cascades of Fiordland National Park, the snow-lined lakes of California, and the glaciers of New Zealand.

  • Season 2 | Episode 31

    Unearth the surreal landscapes of Lake Wakatipu, the delicate flora and fauna of The Great Smokey Mountains, and the rock-covered panoramas of Death Valley.

  • Season 2 | Episode 32

    Travel to the lofty pines of the Redwood Forest, the winter wonderland of the Rocky Mountains, and the fascinating rainforests of Central America.

  • Season 2 | Episode 33

    Enjoy the stunning sunset of the California coast, the celestial curves of Antelope Canyon, and site of a historic monastery in Israel.

  • Season 2 | Episode 34

    Explore the snow-covered peaks of the western U.S., a delicate forest floor in California, and the springtime flowers of Arkansas.

  • Season 2 | Episode 35

    Traverse a sparking forest stream in Tennessee, a luscious waterfall oasis in Oklahoma and the heavenly heights of Milford Sound, New Zealand.

  • Season 2 | Episode 36

    Adventure down the Jordan River in Israel, the tropical forests of Hawaii, and the frosty flora of Colorado.

  • Season 2 | Episode 37

    Discover the spectacular panoramas of Yosemite National Park, the sultry rainforests of Costa Rica, and a watery wonder in the woods of South Dakota.