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Shout - Part 1


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  • Shout - Part 2

    Everyday your life should shout how good God is. When you release a sound of praise, God does miraculous things. He calms storms and breaks down walls. It's time to amplify your worship as Pastor Russell Evans shares what's possible when you raise your voice for Jesus.

  • Words - Did God Say - Part 1

    If words create our world, what words are shaping your reality? When you agree with what God says, it makes life. Yet, if you buy into the labels the devil gives you, it release death. Find out how God speaks about you today with Pastor Russell Evans.

  • Words - Did God Say - Part 2

    What words are you speaking? Faith is about belief and confession. What's in the heart has to come out. Pastor Russell Evans shares how the words you allow to be attached to your identity can keep you from being who you were created to be.