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Ministry Now

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On the frontlines of today’s new normal, Marcus & Joni Lamb lead viewers around the world into Ministry Now. Full of radical faith, encouraging declarations, and positive advice, this program will help you shift your perspective away from fear and into the hope God still has for your future.

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Ministry Now
  • Dr. Don Wilton

    Episode 1

    05.12.2021 | Join us as the Pastor of First Baptist Spartanburg, Dr. Don Wilton, shares more about the lessons he learned from Billy Graham and how their friendship has impacted his life forever.

  • Chuck Pierce

    Episode 2

    05.06.2021 | President of Glory of Zion International, Chuck D. Pierce, gives us a special prophetic word, teaches us how to rekindle the altar fire, and how we can deepen our intimacy with God in His presence.

  • Adam McCain | Scott Silverii

    Episode 3

    05.05.21 | Don’t miss out as Pastor Adam McCain of Hill City Church and Dr. Scott Silverii of Five Stones Press get real and share how we can embrace hard seasons, thrive in obscurity, and activate our purpose alongside their new book, “Favored Not Forgotten.”

  • Kynan Bridges

    Episode 4

    05.04.21 | The Pastor of Grace & Peace Global Fellowship Church, Dr. Kynan Bridges, helps us unlock the code of the supernatural in the midst of spiritual warfare and gives us a special prophetic word.

  • Janet Porter

    Episode 5

    04.28.2021 | Don’t miss this riveting program as pro-life activist and President of Faith2Action, Janet Porter, shares more details behind the Heartbeat Bill and how it intends to pierce the heart of Roe vs Wade alongside her book, “A Heartbeat Away.”

  • Sheila Harper | Mark Bradley Morrow

    Episode 6

    04.27.2021 | Join us as the Founder & President of SaveOne, Sheila Harper, and licensed counselor, Mark Bradley Morrow, talk about the regrets and effects of abortion on both women and men.

  • Abby Johnson | Lila Rose | Claire Culwell

    Episode 7

    04.26.21 | Don’t miss out on this incredibly moving episode as Marcus & Joni take a stand for the unborn alongside powerful women of God fighting on the frontlines like Abby Johnson, Lila Rose, and Claire Culwell.

  • Eric & Kim Petree

    Episode 8

    04.20.21 | Don’t miss out as Pastors Eric & Kim Petree of CityGate Church tell us their cute love story, share the beauty in having a church that looks like heaven, and also open up about two miraculous healings experienced in their family alongside Eric’s new book, “Limitless.”

  • Ed Hindson

    Episode 9

    04.19.21 | Dr. Ed Hindson of “The King is Coming” program talks about end time prophecy and details behind his book, “Target Israel.”

  • Luke & Angel Barnett | Annalee Matchett

    Episode 10

    04.14.21 | Don’t miss out as Luke & Angel Barnett of Dream City Church share their vision behind the Colorado City Dream Center and the work they’re doing to project freedom to those affected by Warren Jeffs polygamist cult. Plus, Annalee Matchett chimes in as they talk about the miraculous powe...

  • Keith & Deborah Butler

    Episode 11

    04.13.21 | Bishop Keith & Deborah Butler of Word of Faith International Christian Center share the five elements of faith and how God is moving faithfully throughout the world right now.

  • Toby Morgan

    Episode 12

    04.12.2021 | Don’t miss out as the Administrative Bishop for the Church of God in Texas, Toby Morgan, encourages believers everywhere to have courage and live for God in the midst of Baal’s shadow.

  • Kynan Bridges | Will Ford III

    Episode 13

    04.07.21 | Don’t miss out as Dr. Kynan Bridges of Grace & Peace Fellowship Church and author and minister, Will Ford III, get real about the pathway to racial healing and their hope for the body of Christ to be unified.

  • Dave Robbins

    Episode 14

    04.06.2021 | Join us as the son-in-law and successor to Irvin Baxter’s Endtime Ministries, Dave Robbins, shares more about the legacy behind his new role, the prophetic significance of where we are right now, and how we are nearing the end of the age.

  • Ron & Hope Carpenter

    Episode 15

    04.05.21 | Don’t miss this heart gripping episode as Ron & Hope Carpenter open up about a painful time in their marriage where they almost lost everything, including each other, alongside Hope’s new book, “The Most Beautiful Disaster.”

  • Dr. Billy Wilson | Dusty & Kendra Dean

    Episode 16

    04.01.21 | Don’t miss out as the President of Oral Roberts University, Dr. Billy Wilson, gives us updates on ORU’s basketball team, March Madness, and the future of the students there. Then, Pastors Dusty & Kendra Dean of Heartland Church share their heart for the next generation and what they’re...

  • Sean & Lanette Reed

    Episode 17

    03.31.2021 | Don’t miss out as Sean & Lanette Reed talk all things relationships, marriage, and family alongside their book, “Marriage in Transition.” Plus, they even answer viewer’s questions LIVE!

  • Larry & Tiz Huch

    Episode 18

    03.30.21 | Join us as the Pastors of New Beginnings Church, Larry & Tiz Huch, share their intense battle against cancer and how God prevailed. Then, Brandin Reed leads us in worship with music from his new CD, “Brandin Reed & Friends.”

  • Steve Penate & David Harris Jr.

    Episode 19

    03.29.21 | Don’t miss this powerful episode with Steve Penate & David Harris Jr. as we discuss the importance of Christians having courage, raising their voice, and no longer being on the sidelines of politics.

  • Dr. Don Colbert

    Episode 20

    03.24.21| Dr. Don Colbert breaks down how we can all heal our digestive system, restore our body, and renew our mind alongside his book, “Healthy Gut Zone.”

  • Troy Brewer

    Episode 21

    03.23.2021 | Don’t miss this powerful episode as Pastor Troy Brewer of OpenDoor Church shares a special prophetic word that encourages believers to move forward in courage.

  • Cedric Pisegna

    Episode 22

    03.17.21 | Don’t miss out as Holy Spirit filled Catholic priest, Father Cedric Pisegna, shares an encouraging word about the life of Saint Patrick and the power of Christ’s resurrection.

  • Larry Taunton

    Episode 23

    03.16.21 | Don’t miss out as the Founder of Fixed Point Foundation, Larry Taunton, shares his thoughts surrounding the God Delusion debate between the atheistic views of Dr. Richard Dawkins and Christian stance of Dr. John Lennox.

  • Eric Metaxas

    Episode 24

    03.15.21 | Join us as bestselling author, Eric Metaxas, reveals special moments from his journey growing up and how he found the true meaning of life alongside his book, “Fish Out of Water.”