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Ministry Now

86 Episodes

On the frontlines of today’s new normal, Marcus & Joni Lamb lead viewers around the world into Ministry Now. Full of radical faith, encouraging declarations, and positive advice, this program will help you shift your perspective away from fear and into the hope God still has for your future.

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Ministry Now
  • Casey & Stacy Henagan

    Episode 1

    11.24.2020 | Pastors Casey & Stacy Henagan of Keypoint Church open up about the loss of their baby girl, Haven, and how God brought them through, comforted them in their pain, and still showed Himself faithful alongside Stacy’s book, “Breathe Again.”

  • Lysa TerKeurst

    Episode 2

    11.23.2020 | Don’t miss out as New York Times bestselling author & President of Proverbs 31 Ministries, Lysa TerKeurst, opens up about her own pain as she encourages people to make peace with their own alongside her book, “Forgiving What You Can’t Forget.”

  • Jerry Mungadze

    Episode 3

    11.18.2020 | Dr. Jerry Mungadze of Right Brain Therapy PLLC shares the psychology of racism and how we can defeat our prejudices against each other.

  • Dominic Russo | Jedidiah Thurner

    Episode 4

    11.17.2020 | Don’t miss this highly effective and impactful episode as we hear about the heart behind the Missions.Me organization and the 1Day1Nation event from Dominic Russo and Jedidiah Thurner. Not only that, but Marcus & Joni surprise them with a $100,000 matching challenge to help aid thei...

  • Samuel Rodriguez

    Episode 5

    11.16.2020 | Don’t miss out as Pastor Samuel Rodriguez shares the miraculous story of his daughter being healed of COVID 19 and how people can move from surviving to thriving throughout every area of their life.

  • Lynda Randle | The Lamb Family

    Episode 6

    11.11.2020 | Don’t miss out as Dove Award winner, Lynda Randle, leads us in two beautiful worship songs and shares her story alongside her new children’s book, “A Cab Driver’s Daughter.” Then, the Lamb Family takes time to encourage people toward courage, hope, and breakthrough during these unce...

  • Jaime Jamgochian | Charles Mizrahi

    Episode 7

    11.10.2020 | Don’t miss out as Veteran Wall Street Fund Manager & Alpha Investor Founder, Charles Mizrahi, shares the importance of Biblical capitalism and wise investment opportunities. Then, singer and songwriter, Jaime Jamgochian opens up about her battle against Lyme disease and how the powe...

  • Shani Ferguson | Jonathan Cahn | Richard Bartlett

    Episode 8

    11.09.2020 | Don’t miss out as Shani Ferguson leads us in worship with a song from her album, “Garden of Secrets.” Then, Jonathan Cahn shares prophetic insight as we forge forward through the election period, followed by Dr. Richard Bartlett revealing a special therapy for COVID 19.

  • Alveda King | Ginger Howard

    Episode 9

    11.04.2020 | Don’t miss this special episode as Dr. Alveda King & Ginger Howard provide us all some laughs, candor, and special moments shared in their friendship. As a team, they give helpful tips and encouragement toward healing the racial divide alongside their book, “We’re Not Colorblind.”

  • Lance Wallnau | Barry Segal

    Episode 10

    11.03.2020 | Don’t miss out on this special election day episode as Lance Wallnau and Barry Segal both share their insight about the upcoming election, the importance of every vote for Biblical values, and how we can better align with God’s heart on vital issues like abortion and the support of I...

  • Kevin Zadai

    Episode 11

    10.28.2020 | Jonathan & Rebecca Weiss host an uplifting program as they’re joined by the Founder of Warrior Notes, Kevin Zadai. Together, they unpack Kevin’s encounter with Jesus, the upcoming election, and the hope of humanity found through prayer.

  • Del Bigtree

    Episode 12

    10.27.2020 | Don’t miss out as Josh & Rachel Brown host an informative program with the Founder of Informed Consent Action Network and Host of the High Wire, Del Bigtree. Together, they share research and resources on the truths behind vaccines, educating every viewer to make their own informed ...

  • Michele Bachman | Todd White

    Episode 13

    10.26.2020 | Don’t miss out as Jonathan & Suzy Lamb host an incredible program, kicking things off with Congresswoman Michele Bachman encouraging Americans to vote Biblical values. Then, Todd White opens his heart and testimony toward those who don’t know Christ or haven’t experienced true intim...

  • Rabbi Yitzchok Dovid Smith | Dr. Simone Gold

    Episode 14

    10.21.2020 | As the election draws near, Marcus & Joni continue to stand upon God’s Word – encouraging viewers to vote Biblical values. Then, Rabbi Yitzchok Dovid Smith and Dr. Simone Gold join the program to express their concerns on fear, censorship, COVID 19 misinformation, and inspire hope f...

  • Hank & Brenda Kunneman

    Episode 15

    10.20.2020 | Join us for some fall birthday fun as we test the pumpkin carving craftiness of Jonathan Lamb, Suzy Lamb, and Jonathan Weiss. Then, Hank & Brenda Kunneman share details behind their new book, “Throne Room Prophecy,” and share special prophetic word related to the upcoming election.

  • Eric Metaxas

    Episode 16

    10.19.2020 | Don’t miss out as New York Times bestselling author, Eric Metaxas, shares his passion for God and country alongside his book, “If You Can Keep It,” which urges the church to wake up as America reaches her tipping point.

  • Guillermo Maldonado | Jerry Madden

    Episode 17

    10.14.2020 | Don’t miss out on this special episode as we celebrate Marcus Lamb’s birthday with a little game called “Marcus 101.” Then, Apostle Guillermo Maldonado of King Jesus Ministry gives a special word of encouragement to Hispanic voters, and Pastor Jerry Madden of Praise Cathedral shar...

  • Kathie Lee Gifford | The Lamb Family

    Episode 18

    10.13.2020 | Don’t miss this powerful episode as Marcus, Joni, and the Lamb family continue to stand & fight for Biblical values – especially when it comes to God’s heart for the unborn. Plus, Kathie Lee Gifford shares her hope for people to encounter the love of Jesus through her new book, “Hel...

  • Samuel Rodriguez | Marcus Mecum

    Episode 19

    09.30.2020 | Don’t miss out as Pastor of New Season, Samuel Rodriguez, shares his heart for people to vote Biblical values in the upcoming election, and then, Pastor Marcus Mecum of Seven Hills Church opens up about his past, how he found Jesus, and encourages us to have hope in the midst of fear.

  • Jon Chasteen

    Episode 20

    09.29.2020 | Don’t miss out as the President of Kings University and Pastor of Victory Church, Dr. Jon Chasteen, encourages us to seek healing from our deepest, hidden hurts alongside his book, “Half the Battle.”

  • John Ramirez

    Episode 21

    09.23.2020 | John Ramirez shares how he left his life of Satanism behind to follow Jesus, while encouraging us to build our faith and destroy our fears.

  • Jim & Amanda Domen

    Episode 22

    09.22.2020 | Don’t miss out as Jim & Amanda Domen share their story, heart for the LGBTQ community, and vision for Church United.

  • David & Nicole Crank

    Episode 23

    09.21.2020 | David & Nicole Crank share how God is still on the move, birthing new dreams and encouraging His people to be goal getters.

  • Shaun Nepstad

    Episode 24

    09.16.2020 | Join us as Pastor Shaun Nepstad of Fellowship Church in Antioch, California, encourages us to have faith and not quit in the dips of life.