Ministry Now

Ministry Now

22 Episodes

On the frontlines of today’s new normal, Marcus & Joni Lamb lead viewers around the world into Ministry Now. Full of radical faith, encouraging declarations, and positive advice, this program will help you shift your perspective away from fear and into the hope God still has for your future.

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Ministry Now
  • Jimmy Evans

    Episode 1

    05.27.2020 | Don’t miss out on the fun as we finally celebrate the gender reveal for Baby Brown! Then, Jimmy Evans talks all things prophecy, end times, and our role as the church in the last days alongside his book, “Tipping Point.”

  • Robert Jeffress

    Episode 2

    05.26.2020 | Don’t miss out as Dr. Robert Jeffress, Pastor of First Baptist Dallas, shares the importance and power of prayer alongside his new book, “Praying for America: 40 Inspiring Stories & Prayers for Our Nation.”

  • Doug Anderson

    Episode 3

    05.20.2020 | Join us for this impactful episode as Pastor Doug Anderson of Rose Heights Church in Tyler, Texas, opens up about the loss of his son and the healing power of gratitude.

  • The Lamb Family

    Episode 4

    05.19.2020 | Don’t miss this very informative ministry moment with the Lamb Family as they respond to the dangers behind vaccinations after watching Joni Table Talk’s interview with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Del Bigtree.

  • Nazareth
    Episode 5


    Episode 5

    05.18.2020 | Don’t miss out as Christian comedian, Nazareth, shares his life story and details behind his book, “Hope in 24 Hours.” Plus, he does a standup comedy routine that keeps our audience laughing.

  • Doug Clay
    Episode 6

    Doug Clay

    Episode 6

    05.13.2020 | Join us as the General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God, Doug Clay, shares more details behind the Bible Engagement Project and leaves a special word of encouragement for those dealing with stress or anxious thoughts.

  • Robert F. Kennedy Jr | Del Bigtree | Cedric Pisegna

    Episode 7

    05.12.2020 | Don’t miss this special episode as we celebrate Joshua Brown’s birthday, and then, we hear from Robert F. Kennedy Jr and Del Bigtree as they expose truths behind vaccines. Plus, Father Cedric Pisenga shares a special word of encouragement for the days ahead.

  • Dr. Ralph Reed | Gilad Katz

    Episode 8

    05.11.2020 | Don’t miss out as the Consul General of Israel to the Southwest, Gilad Katz, shares more about his role and the current state of Israel. Then, Dr. Ralph Reed encourages the US in the midst of the current crisis and shares how the Faith & Freedom Coalition is making a difference.

  • Dr. Les & Leslie Parrott

    Episode 9

    05.06.2020 | Don’t miss out as we talk with Dr. Les & Leslie Parrott as they share the secret of having a successful relationship, alongside their book, “Healthy Me, Healthy Us.” Plus, the Lamb Family gather together for a special Mother’s Day moment.

  • Tim & Juliette Ross

    Episode 10

    05.05.2020 | Join us as Tim & Juliette Ross of Embassy City Church share the value they’ve found through this quarantine period and how to have effective evangelism alongside their new book, “Upset the World.”

  • Nicole C. Mullen

    Episode 11

    05.04.2020 | Don’t miss out as we hear from GMA award winning artist, Nicole C. Mullen, as she opens up about the moving story behind her hit song, “My Redeemer Lives.”

  • Mike & Natalie Todd

    Episode 12

    04.29.2020 | Don’t miss out as Pastors Mike & Natalie Todd of Transformation Church talk all things dating, marriage, and sex alongside their new book, “Relationship Goals.”

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  • Chuck Pierce

    Episode 13

    04.27.2020 | Don’t miss out as Dr. Chuck Pierce, Founder of Glory of Zion Ministries, shares prophetic insight on COVID 19 and the Passover.

  • Tim Scott | Penny Young Nance

    Episode 14

    04.20.2020 | Don’t miss out as Senator Tim Scott shares his incredible life story and a special word of encouragement during the COVID 19 pandemic alongside his book, “Opportunity Knocks.” Then, the CEO and President of Concerned Women for America, Penny Young Nance, expresses the need for Conser...

  • Myles & Katharine Weiss | Marvin Sapp

    Episode 15

    04.14.2020 | Join us as Myles & Katharine Weiss share a special word of encouragement from California. Then, the Pastor of Chosen Vessel Cathedral, Bishop Marvin Sapp, uplifts our faith through powerful worship and message from his heart.

  • Kevin Sorbo | Bob Hamp

    Episode 16

    04.13.2020 | Don’t miss out as Kevin Sorbo talks about the new faith-edifying documentary, “Before the Wrath,” and then the founder of Think Differently Academy gives helpful advice on maintaining good mental health during this time of COVID-19.

  • The Lamb Family | Sheryl Brady

    Episode 17

    03.31.2020 | The Lamb Family ministers hope in times of crisis, while Pastor Sheryl Brady shares an encouraging word.

  • The Lamb Family | Don Lichi

    Episode 18

    04.01.2020 | Join us the Vice President of Emerge Counseling, Dr. Don Lichi, shares 5 ways Christians can respond during the Coronavirus crisis. Then, Marcus Lamb, shares a special word taken straight from Psalm 23.

  • Todd White
    Episode 19

    Todd White

    Episode 19

    03.30.2020 | Don’t miss out as Todd White inspires hope and courage to share Jesus with others during the hard times of today.

  • Kenneth Copeland

    Episode 20

    03.25.2020 | Don’t miss out as Kenneth Copeland fights the fear trying to grip today’s world.

  • Jack Graham
    Episode 21

    Jack Graham

    Episode 21

    03.24.2020 | Join us as Dr. Jack Graham of Prestonwood Baptist shares a special word of encouragement to the church during the Corona Virus pandemic. Plus, we spread some joy as we celebrate Rebecca’s birthday, playing a fun game called, “Who Knows Becca Best.”

  • The Lamb Family

    Episode 22

    03.23.2020 | Join the entire Lamb family as they declare hope and encouragement in the midst of the Corona Virus pandemic.