Marcus & Joni

Marcus & Joni

6 Seasons

Hosted by Marcus Lamb and Joni Lamb with an originality all its own, “Marcus & Joni” brings powerful, moving testimonies, today’s top best-selling and new authors, leaders in faith and business, special music guests, professional athletes and so much more, straight into your living room with thought-provoking television that will have you laughing and crying as it impacts your life!

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Marcus & Joni
  • Jack Hayford

    Episode 1

    01.05.2015 | Coming up on Marcus and Joni, Jack Hayford - Founding Pastor of Church on the Way - shares a special message.

  • Dodie Osteen & April Simons

    Episode 2

    01.06.2015 | Coming up on Marcus and Joni, Dodie Osteen and April Simons share their stories and testimonies.

  • Miles McPherson | Bethany Devine

    Episode 3

    01.08.2015 | Coming up on Marcus and Joni, Miles McPherson shares a timely message and Bethany Devine sings from her new album.

  • Michael & Jessica Koulianos

    Episode 4

    01.12.2015 | Coming up on Marcus and Joni, Michael and Jessica Koulianos share a special word with the viewers.

  • Dr. William M. Wilson | David Barton

    Episode 5

    01.13.2015 | Coming up on Marcus and Joini, Dr. William M. Wilson and David Barton share their stories.

  • Dr. James W. Jackson | Dr. Doug Jackson

    Episode 6

    01.14.2015 | Coming up on Marcus and Joni, Dr. James W. Jackson and Dr. Doug Jackson talk about their organization - Project C.U.R.E - and Bishop Harry Jackson Jr. shares about his upcoming event, The Reconciled Church, at The Potter's House in Dallas, TX.

  • Dr. Andre & Jenny Roebert

    Episode 7

    01.16.2015 | Coming up on Marcus and Joni, Dr. Andre and Jenny Roebert share their story.

  • Dr. Michael Brown

    Episode 8

    01.19.2015 | Coming up on Marcus and Joni, Dr. Michael Brown shares an important message with the audience.

  • Al & Lisa Robertson | Kevin Costner

    Episode 9

    01.20.2015 | Coming up on Marcus and Joni, Al and Lisa Robertson share their testimony and stories from their new book. Kevin Costner and Jillian Estell talk about their latest film project, Black or White, plus special musical guest Brian Courtney Wilson.

  • Rich Wilkerson Jr.

    Episode 10

    01.21.2015 | Coming up on Marcus and Joni, Rich Wilkerson Jr. shares about what God's been doing at his church in Miami.

  • Joseph Habedank | Greg Ellis

    Episode 11

    01.26.2015 | Coming up on Marcus and Joni, Greg Ellis talks about his new movie, Carter High, and Joseph Habedank sings from his new album, Welcome Home.

  • Dr. Tony Evans

    Episode 12

    01.27.2015 | Coming up on Marcus and Joni, Dr. Tony Evans talks about his new book "America: Turning a Nation to God."

  • Barry Segal | Adam & Ruthie Sanders

    Episode 13

    01.28.2015 | Coming up on Marcus and Joni, Barry Segal and Adam and Ruthie Sanders join us to share their stories.

  • Sean Lowe | Shekhar & Lavina Kallianpur

    Episode 14

    02.10.2015 | Coming up on Marcus and Joni, Sean Lowe, former "Bachelor," talks about his new book, plus Shekhar and Lavina Kallianpur, and Jai and Tanuja Sagar share their stories.

  • Pierce, Tanya & Rick Curren

    Episode 15

    02.11.2015 | Coming up on Marcus and Joni, Pierce, Tanya and Rick Curren of the new show Scaly Adventures join us to talk about their show and introduce us to some of their favorite scaly critters.

  • Dr. Tim Hill

    Episode 16

    02.12.2015 | Coming up on Marcus and Joni, Dr. Tim Hill of Church of God World Missions shares his story.

  • Dr. Robert Jeffress | Cherie Calbom

    Episode 17

    02.16.2015 | Coming up on Marcus and Joni, Dr. Robert Jeffress discusses his new book, plus Cherie Calbom shares some healthy recipes with the viewers.

  • David & Jason Benham | Senator Rand Paul

    Episode 18

    02.17.2015 | Coming up on Marcus and Joni, David and Jason Benham talk about their new book, plus Senator Rand Paul, M.D. joins us for a special interview.

  • Jimmy Evans
    Episode 19

    Jimmy Evans

    Episode 19

    02.18.2015 | Coming up on Marcus and Joni, Jimmy Evans discusses his new book, The Right One.

  • Larry Stockstill

    Episode 20

    02.24.2015 | Coming up on Marcus and Joni, Larry Stockstill discusses his new book, Model Man, and shares and encouraging word with the audience.

  • Rod Parsley
    Episode 21

    Rod Parsley

    Episode 21

    02.25.2015 | Coming up on Marcus and Joni, Rod Parsley shares about what God has been doing lately in his life.

  • The Release Movie Preview

    Episode 22

    03.02.2015 | Coming up, Marcus and Joni answer more viewer questions, plus see the preview of the movie, The Release.

  • Q & A with Marcus & Joni

    Episode 23

    03.02.2015 | Marcus and Joni answer viewer questions from around the world.

  • Dr. George O. Wood

    Episode 24

    03.03.2015 | Dr. George O. Wood shares what God has been doing in his life recently.