Marcus & Joni

Marcus & Joni

6 Seasons

Hosted by Marcus Lamb and Joni Lamb with an originality all its own, “Marcus & Joni” brings powerful, moving testimonies, today’s top best-selling and new authors, leaders in faith and business, special music guests, professional athletes and so much more, straight into your living room with thought-provoking television that will have you laughing and crying as it impacts your life!

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Marcus & Joni
  • Dr. Curt Dodd

    Episode 1

    12.18.2018 | Have you ever wondered why God doesn't take away our struggles? Or why He doesn't make life a little easier? Join us as we sit with Dr. Curt Dodd from Westside Church as he answers these questions and more with his encouraging booklet, "Why Do I Have to Struggle?"

  • Jordan Rubin

    Episode 2

    12.17.2018 | Join us as New York Times Bestselling Author & Cofounder of Ancient Nutrition, Jordan Rubin, talks about natural health, essential oils, and an effective lifestyle diet.

  • Randy Shepherd | Bishop Keith Butler

    Episode 3

    12.12.2018 | Don't miss this fun yet impactful episode as Randy Shepherd shares how God is using Crossfire Ministries while performing cool tricks with his basketball.

  • Ray & Vicki Bentley

    Episode 4

    12.11.2018 | Join us as Ray & Vicki Bentley share about the beginnings and growth of Maranatha Chapel, and then Ray uncovers details behind his new Christian novel, "On the Mountain of the Lord."

  • Jim Blanchard | Alan Bullock

    Episode 5

    12.10.2018 | Are you suffering with an addiction or know someone who is? Special guests, Jim Blanchard and Alan Bullock, share the extraordinary work and impact Global Teen Challenge is making in lives around the world.

  • Tommy Waller | Keion & Felecia Henderson

    Episode 6

    12.05.2018 | Don't miss out as Tommy Waller shares about the work he's doing in the mountains of Israel through HaYovel. Then, Keion & Felecia Henderson open up about their past and how God is using Lighthouse Church of Houston, TX. Plus, Keion shows us his musical side by sharing a single off hi...

  • Mike Huckabee | Justin Dailey

    Episode 7

    12.04.2018 | Don’t this special episode as former Governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee, talks about living a life of legacy from his new book, “Rare, Medium or Done Well.” Then, Pastor Justin Dailey of Action Church shares his testimony and a special word from God’s heart.

  • Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith | Will Ford III | Matt Lockett

    Episode 8

    12.03.2018 | Have you ever been racially hurt or surprised by the prejudices still occurring today? Join us for this unforgettable episode as Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith not only shares more about her book, “Sacred Rest,” but also opens up about her journey through interracial marriage. Then, Will F...

  • Jonathan Miller | Dr. Michael Boadi Nyamekye | Mark & Grace Driscoll

    Episode 9

    11.28.2018 | Pastors Jonathan Miller and Dr. Michael Boadi Nyamekye talk about all that God is doing in Ghana through The Maker's House Chapel International, and then Mark & Grace Driscoll talk about their family ministry at The Trinity Church and ways to walk in power from his book, "Spirit-Fill...

  • SQuire Rushnell & Louise DuArt | Mark Chironna

    Episode 10

    11.27.2018 | SQuire Rushnell & Louise DuArt set the holiday mood by sharing more details behind their book and movie, and then Mark Chironna brings a powerful word of knowledge from his book, "The Dead Prophets Society."

  • Don Moen | Bruce Van Natta | Gary & Kristie Lamb

    Episode 11

    11.26.2018 | Join us for a moving episode as Don Moen shares about God's faithfulness through his song and book, "God Will Make a Way", and Bruce Van Natta opens up about his near-death scare that involved a 10,000 pound semi truck and two angels. Plus, Gary & Kristie Lamb catch us up on what's h...

  • Todd White

    Episode 12

    11.21.2018 | Don't miss this moving episode as international evangelist, Todd White, gives us an update on how God is working through Lifestyle Christianity and shares a redemption story that will bring you to tears.

  • Jonathan Feldstein | David Barton

    Episode 13

    11.20.2018 | Joni Lamb & Jonathan Weiss host an exciting Jewish open as they are joined by Jonathan Feldstein to talk about the negative effects of Anti-Semitism and his upcoming marathon in Israel, Run for Zion. Then David Barton discusses the current crisis of America and the 6 ways we can get ...

  • Joel & Myriam Chernoff | Paul Liberman

    Episode 14

    11.16.2018 | Don't miss this Israel-packed show as we talk about the Joseph Project, the Alliance for Israel Advocacy, and all that the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America is doing for God's people alongside special guests, Joel & Myriam Chernoff and Paul Liberman.

  • Dr. Jack Graham | Dr. O.S. Hawkins

    Episode 15

    11.14.2018 | Don't miss this inspiring episode as the President of Guidestone Financial Resources, Dr. OS Hawkins, and the Pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church, Dr. Jack Graham, interview together.

  • Brian Bird | Lawson Perdue

    Episode 16

    11.13.2018 | Brian Bird, writer & producer of the Hallmark hit TV show, "When Calls the Heart," shares a little holiday spirit from his devotional. Then Pastor Lawson Perdue shares about the supernatural development of Charis Christian Center's new growth.

  • Cheryl Jackson | Dr. Cindy Trimm

    Episode 17

    11.12.2018 | Has God placed a vision or dream on your heart? Are you trying to figure out that next step? Come be inspired as Cheryl Jackson shares about the development of Minnie's Food Pantry, and then visionary Dr. Cindy Trimm shares life-changing truths from her book, "Hello, Tomorrow."

  • Peter Vandenberg | Antar Muhammad

    Episode 18

    11.09.2018 | Join us as Peter Vandenberg shares his role at Christ for All Nations with his book, "Into the Unknown," and how God saved him from a rare but deadly cancer, and then Antar Muhammad from the Potter's House talks about effective leadership with his book, "Heartcore."

  • Phil Nordin | R.T. Kendall | Bobby Conner

    Episode 19

    11.08.2018 | It's an impactful day as Dr. Phil Nordin catches us up on Equip International's ministry work in Ethiopia. Then Bobby Conner, author of "Audience with the King," shares how God saved him from death twice, alongside Dr. RT Kendall and his book, "Popular in Heaven, Famous in Hell."

  • Tommy Bates

    Episode 20

    11.07.2018 | Join us as Tommy Bates shares about his most memorable encounter with Jesus, along with anointed music from his album, "God's Got It."

  • Russ & Tori Taff | Sheryl Brady

    Episode 21

    10.26.2018 | It's a day of music, movies and so much more! Multiple Grammy and Dove Award winner, Russ Taff and his wife Tori, give us an inside scoop behind their movie, "Russ Taff: I Still Believe," and then Pastor of The Potter's House of North Dallas, Sheryl Brady, shares her preaching role i...

  • Jada Edwards

    Episode 22

    10.22.2018 | Join us as Joni Lamb and long-time bestie, Cindy Murdock, host Jada Edwards to talk about how to love people, speak truth, and her book, "The Captive Mind."

  • Sandi Patty | Dallas Jenkins

    Episode 23

    10.17.2018 | Join us as writer & director, Dallas Jenkins, shares details behind his new crowd-funded hit TV series, "The Chosen," and then music legend, Sandi Patty, uncovers the darkest moments of her life and how she found her voice.

  • Dr. Kathy Koch | Sheila Walsh

    Episode 24

    10.16.2018 | Whether it's talking about how social media & technology is affecting our kids with Dr. Kathy Koch and her book, "Screens & Teens," or digging deep into the soul and realizing that it's "Okay Not to be Okay" with Sheila Walsh, it's an episode you don't want to miss.