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Marcus & Joni

6 Seasons

Hosted by Marcus Lamb and Joni Lamb with an originality all its own, “Marcus & Joni” brings powerful, moving testimonies, today’s top best-selling and new authors, leaders in faith and business, special music guests, professional athletes and so much more, straight into your living room with thought-provoking television that will have you laughing and crying as it impacts your life!

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Marcus & Joni
  • Randy Shepherd | Ryan Binkley

    Episode 1

    12.18.2019 | Don’t miss out as basketball evangelist and founder of Crossfire Ministries, Randy Shepherd, shares a powerful word for the holidays. Then, Pastors Ryan and Ellie Binkley of Create Church share their heart for people to fully step into God’s dream, calling, and purpose for their lives.

  • Mark Rutland

    Episode 2

    12.17.2019 | Join us as Dr. Mark Rutland, Founder of Global Servants, shares more details behind his book, “Courage to be Healed: Finding Hope to Restore Your Soul.”

  • The Lamb Family

    Episode 3

    12.16.2019 | Don’t miss out as we celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, and fun holiday traditions with the Lamb family. Plus, enjoy special holiday music from Merlon Devine, Tom Braxton, and the Daystar Singers & Band.

  • Jason Sobel | Mark Maxwell

    12.11.2019 | When Marcus & Joni Lamb are away, the kids will play. Don’t miss out as Jonathan & Suzy Lamb, Jonathan & Rebecca Weiss, and Josh & Rachel Brown lead the program with special guests: Rabbi Jason Sobel and Mark Maxwell. Rabbi Jason Sobel shares his powerful encounter with Yeshua and th...

  • Andres Bisonni

    Episode 5

    12.10.2019 | Join us as healing evangelist, Andres Bisonni, shares his testimony, call into ministry, and the power he’s seen and experienced through the Holy Spirit.

  • O.S. Hawkins | Squire Bushnell & Louise DuArt

    Episode 6

    12.09.2019 | Don’t miss out as the President of Guidestone Financial Resources, Dr. O.S. Hawkins, shares more details about Mission Dignity and his new book, “The Passion Code.” Then, Squire Bushnell & Louise DuArt reveal special moments behind their book, “Godwink Christmas Stories,” and new Ha...

  • Joel & Myriam Chernoff | Bill Waybourn

    Episode 7

    12.04.2019 | Join us as Joel & Myriam Chernoff talk about their recent work in Ethiopia, the Joseph Project, and the importance of Aliyah; and then, Sheriff Bill Waybourn of Tarrant County, Texas, shares his heart for the fatherless and how he’s helping the community through prison outreach and a...

  • Rebekah Charleston | Bryan Jarrett | Kevin Sorbo

    Episode 8

    12.03.2019 | Join us for this moving episode as Rebekah Charleston, of Valiant Hearts, shares the gruesome details of her life being sex trafficked and how she found freedom. Then, Dr. Bryan Jarrett, of Northplace Church and Lonesome Dove Ranch, opens up about his past abuse and how he’s helping...

  • Landon & Heather Schott | Micah Berteau

    Episode 9

    12.02.2019 | Don’t miss out as Pastors Landon & Heather Schott share how God is working in Fort Worth and Mercy Culture Church. Plus, we Skype in Micah Berteau to hear more about his dad, Glen Berteau’s, major heart attack and the miracles they’ve experienced thus far.

  • Jason Kennedy

    Episode 11

    11.26.2019 | Join us as Dr. Jason Kennedy of Abundant Life Church shares his testimony and how to better engage with the Millennial generation.

  • Richard Ellis

    Episode 12

    11.25.2019 | Don’t miss out as Pastor Richard Ellis, of Reunion Church in Dallas, opens up about how God saved him from suicidal thoughts and the importance discipleship has had in his life.

  • Dave Roever

    11.20.2019 | Grab your tissues and get ready to be inspired as we hear the life journey of war veteran, Dave Roever - through war, unbearable wounds, an endearing love, overcoming suicidal thoughts, and the power of God to heal brokenness.

  • Jude & Rebecca Fouquier

    Episode 14

    11.19.2019 | Don’t miss out as Pastors Jude & Rebecca Fouquier of City Church California in Ventura share more about their life in ministry, the California Coast Bible College, and how they’ve seen the healing power of Jesus over cancer.

  • Shawn Bolz

    Episode 15

    11.18.2019 | Don’t miss out as Shawn Bolz shares a prophetic word, stories, and a unique way to witness to others - inspired from the message of his book, “Through the Eyes of Love.”

  • Michael Todd

    Episode 16

    11.13.2019 | This episode will be sure to take your walk with God to a whole new level of crazy faith as Pastor Michael Todd of Transformation Church shares his miraculous story. Then, his parents, Brenda & Tomm Todd, join in for a special surprise to share more about Michael’s life behind the sc...

  • Faytene Grasseschi

    Episode 17

    11.12.2019 | Join us for a moving episode as Faytene Grasseschi opens up about her journey being healed from an eating disorder, and how God is using her life now to make a difference by combatting things like: sex trafficking, political crises, and women’s issues throughout Canada and the world.

  • Rob Ketterling | Robert Jeffress

    Episode 18

    11.11.2019 | Don’t miss out as Pastor Rob Ketterling of River Valley Church drops by to talk about his book, “Fix It.” Then, Dr. Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Church Dallas helps parents answer some of the toughest questions about eternity with his new book, “A Place Called Heaven for Kids.”

  • Marilyn Hickey

    Episode 19

    11.06.2019 | Join us as we hear more details about the legendary life & ministry of Marilyn Hickey, along with her new book, “It’s Not Over Until You Win.”

  • Steve Brock

    11.05.2019 | Don’t miss out on worship & special ministry moments with the legendary Evangelist Steve Brock.

  • 2018 Year in Review

    Episode 21

    11.04.19 | Join us as we celebrate & reminisce on another year of God showing off on the Marcus & Joni program. Whether it’s unforgettable memories with the Lamb family, impactful moments with special guests, or inspiring music that moves the soul – 2018 will be locked in our hearts forever.

  • Curt & Christie Landry

    10.30.2019 | Don’t miss out as Rabbi Curt & Christie Landry from House of David Ministries share how they met, their special journey of faith, and an anointed word taken from Rabbi Curt’s new book, “Reclaiming Our Forgotten Heritage.”

  • Heartcry of David | Dr. Phil Nordin | Dr. Terry Law | David Freeman

    10.29.2019 | Join us for this mission-minded episode as we hear how God is working globally, even in the most hostile environments, with Dr. Phil Nordin of Equip International, Dr. Terry Law of World Compassion, and David Freeman of Jubilee Church. Plus, Abby & Micah Mahoney from Heartcry of Dav...

  • Anna Kendall

    10.28.2019 | Don’t miss out as the Lamb family dives deeper into Life Languages with Anna Kendall and her book, “Communication IQ.”

  • Rod Loy

    10.23.2019 | Don’t miss out as we celebrate a little Birthday Bake-Off between Jonathan Lamb, Suzy Lamb, and Jonathan Weiss. Then, Rod Loy from First Assembly of God in North Little Rock, Arkansas, gives a strong word on “Immediate Obedience.”