Marcus & Joni

Marcus & Joni

6 Seasons

Hosted by Marcus Lamb and Joni Lamb with an originality all its own, “Marcus & Joni” brings powerful, moving testimonies, today’s top best-selling and new authors, leaders in faith and business, special music guests, professional athletes and so much more, straight into your living room with thought-provoking television that will have you laughing and crying as it impacts your life!

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Marcus & Joni
  • The Lamb Family | Don Lichi

    Episode 1

    04.01.2020 | Join us the Vice President of Emerge Counseling, Dr. Don Lichi, shares 5 ways Christians can respond during the Coronavirus crisis. Then, Marcus Lamb, shares a special word taken straight from Psalm 23.

  • The Lamb Family | Sheryl Brady

    Episode 2

    03.31.2020 | The Lamb Family ministers hope in times of crisis, while Pastor Sheryl Brady shares an encouraging word.

  • Todd White

    Episode 3

    03.30.2020 | Don’t miss out as Todd White inspires hope and courage to share Jesus with others during the hard times of today.

  • Kenneth Copeland

    Episode 4

    03.25.2020 | Don’t miss out as Kenneth Copeland fights the fear trying to grip today’s world.

  • Jack Graham

    Episode 5

    03.24.2020 | Join us as Dr. Jack Graham of Prestonwood Baptist shares a special word of encouragement to the church during the Corona Virus pandemic. Plus, we spread some joy as we celebrate Rebecca’s birthday, playing a fun game called, “Who Knows Becca Best.”

  • The Lamb Family

    Episode 6

    03.23.2020 | Join the entire Lamb family as they declare hope and encouragement in the midst of the Corona Virus pandemic.

  • Doug Weiss

    Episode 7

    03.18.2020 | Don’t miss out as Dr. Doug Weiss of Heart to Heart Counseling Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado, answers some of the biggest questions about love, relationships, and sex.

  • Sheryl Brady

    Episode 8

    03.17.2020 | Join us as Pastor Sheryl Brady of the Potter’s House North Dallas shares the heart-felt message behind her new book, “Don’t Miss the Moment.”

  • Darius, Cindy, & Brendon Johnston

    Episode 9

    03.16.2020 | Don’t miss out as the Pastors of Christ Church Fort Worth, Darius & Cindy Johnston, share how they broke the spirit of abandonment in their family. Then, their son, Brendon, shares about his life growing up under the strong legacy of his parents and how he felt called to ministry.

  • Kenyon Coleman

    Episode 10

    03.13.2020 | Don’t miss out as former NFL player and Founder of the RE:defined Coffee House shares his faith journey and the faithfulness of God over his life.

  • Dusty & Kendra Dean

    Episode 11

    03.11.2020 | Don’t miss out as Pastors of Heartland Church, Dusty & Kendra Dean, share details behind their love story and how marriage is worth fighting for.

  • Troy Brewer
    Episode 12

    Troy Brewer

    Episode 12

    03.10.2020 | Join us as the Pastor of OpenDoor Church, Troy Brewer, shares hope for the future despite the fear that’s spreading and prophecies unfolding.

  • Satish Kumar

    Episode 13

    02.26.2020 | Join us as Satish Kumar shares the miraculous growth of Calvary Temple Church in Hyderabad, India, and how they are going the extra mile to put love in action throughout their community.

  • Joshua Gagnon

    Episode 14

    02.25.2020 | Join us as the founding pastor of Next Level Church, Joshua Gagnon, shares the power of chasing God’s dreams for your life with his new book, “It’s Not Over.”

  • Landon & Heather Schott

    Episode 15

    02.24.2020 | Don’t miss out as Pastors Landon & Heather Schott share the miraculous journey of acquiring their new building for Mercy Culture Church.

  • Jeremy Camp | Larry, Tiz, & Katie Huch

    Episode 16

    02.19.2020 | Grab your tissues for this very touching episode as Larry, Tiz, and Katie Huch of DFW New Beginnings Church open up about their family’s recent fight against cancer. Plus, Jeremy Camp shares details behind the moving film inspired from his life, “I Still Believe.”

  • Robert & Pamela Crosby

    Episode 17

    02.18.2020 | Join us as Dr. Robert and Pamela Crosby from Emerge Counseling share marital advice and answer viewer questions, alongside their book, “The Will of a Man & The Way of a Woman.”

  • Glen, Deborah, & Micah Berteau

    Episode 18

    02.17.2020 | We kick things off with Josh & Rachel Brown sharing some exciting family news. Then, Glen, Deborah, and Micah Berteau from The House share Glen’s amazing journey from death to life – proving that miracles still happen today.

  • Beth Moore
    Episode 19

    Beth Moore

    Episode 19

    02.14.2020 | It’s bound to be a great show with sweet words and flowers being exchanged for Valentine’s Day, and then Beth Moore showing us what it looks like to abide with Christ alongside her new book, “Chasing Vines.”

  • Terry MacAlmon | Jimmy Evans

    Episode 20

    02.12.2020 | Join us as International Worship Artist, Terry MacAlmon, shares a song from his heart and details behind the Sing Over America worship gathering. Then, Pastor Jimmy Evans reveals the four laws of love that will dramatically impact and restore marriages today.

  • Greg Stone | Nic Lesmeister

    Episode 21

    02.11.2020 | Don’t miss out as Jonathan & Rebecca Weiss debut their new Israel game, “Word to the Weiss.” Then, the Pastor of Jewish Ministries at Gateway Church, Greg Stone, and the Director of the Gateway Center for Israel, Nic Lesmeister, share their passion to see Israel and the Church un...

  • Mark Harris | Sarah Bowling

    Episode 22

    02.10.2020 | Don’t miss out as Worship Pastor of Gateway Church, Mark Harris, shares his love for worship and sings, “Greater Than.” Then, Sarah Bowling talks about the strong work behind her ministry, Saving Moses, and her new book, “Hanging by a Thread.”

  • Victoria Sarvadi

    Episode 23

    02.05.2020 | Don’t miss out as Dr. Victoria Sarvadi shares her story from death to life in her book, “Just a Little Girl.” Then, she shares more details behind the Nathaniel Foundation and the upcoming March of Remembrance for those who were lost in the Holocaust.

  • Danny & Ashley Forshee

    Episode 24

    02.04.2020 | Join us as Danny & Ashley Forshee share details behind Great Hills Baptist Church and break down the heart of evangelism alongside Danny’s book, “For the One.”