Marcus & Joni

Marcus & Joni

3 Seasons

Hosted by Marcus Lamb and Joni Lamb with an originality all its own, “Marcus & Joni” brings powerful, moving testimonies, today’s top best-selling and new authors, leaders in faith and business, special music guests, professional athletes and so much more, straight into your living room with thought-provoking television that will have you laughing and crying as it impacts your life!

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Marcus & Joni
  • Cana's Voice & James Merritt - (10.21.2019)

    Episode 1

    Cana's Voice brings a special flare of praise from their new album, "Don't Wanna Miss This," and Pastor James Merritt shares his journey into ministry, how God 's using Cross Pointe Church, and a special message straight from God 's Word.

  • Lt. Col. Allen West - (01.07.2019)

    Episode 2

    We're kicking off the New Year with Lt. Colonel Allen West as he talks about America, ideologies of today, and his new book, "Hold Texas, Hold the Nation: Victory or Death."

  • Dr. Jim Willoughby - (01.08.2019)

    Episode 3

    Don't miss out on a special word from Dr. Jim Willoughby as he talks about loss, Faith Life Center, and the "30 Day Faith & Grace Challenge."

  • Erwin McManus & Lloyd Bustard - (01.09.19)

    Episode 4

    Join us as Erwin McManus from Mosaic Los Angeles talks about the upcoming release of his book, "The Way of the Warrior;" then Lloyd Bustard gives a strong word on prophecy and God's promises.

  • Jurgen Matthesius- (01.11.2019)

    Episode 5

    It's feeling a bit Australian in the studio today as Pastor Jurgen Matthesius of C3 San Diego Church shares some his surf stories, following after God's voice, and his new book, "Leadersight."

  • John Hannah- (01.14.2019)

    Episode 6

    Pastor John Hannah, from New Life Covenant Church Southeast, gives a powerful word on prayer & what it looks like to be "Desperate for Jesus."

  • Kenneth Ulmer - ( 01.15.2019)

    Episode 7

    Join us as we shower Rachel Lamb Brown with fun gift surprises for her birthday; then Dr. Kenneth Ulmer, Pastor of Faithful Central Bible Church in Los Angeles, shares about speaking life & shaping destinies

  • Stephen Baldwin & Will Graham - (01.16.2019)

    Episode 8

    Don't miss out on the amazing behind the scenes stories shared from Actor Stephen Baldwin on the new faith-based film, "The Least of These."

  • Morris Cerullo & Randy Clark - (01.21.2019)

    Episode 9

    Join us in this moving episode as two mighty men of faith, Dr. Morris Cerullo & Dr. Randy Clark, talk about the supernatural power of God, the Morris Cerullo Legacy Center in San Diego, and Clark's new book, "Stories of Divine Healing."

  • Don Piper- (01.22.2019)

    Episode 10

    Join us as the 90 minutes in heaven legend, Don Piper, talks all things eternity with his book, "People I Met at the Gates of Heaven."

  • Paul Morton - (01.23.2019)

    Episode 11

    Don't miss out as Bishop Paul S. Morton, from Changing a Generation Full Gospel Baptist Church, gives us a powerful word and testimony alongside his book, "Changing Forward."

  • Jerome Fernando & Troy Maxwell - (04.24.2019)

    Episode 12

    Don't miss this moving and impactful episode as Pastor Troy Maxwell of Freedom House Church in Charlotte, NC, opens up about his anxiety and how he handles it; plus, Pastor Jerome Fernando of Kings Revival Church shares his heart on the latest bombings over Easter weekend in Sri Lanka.

  • Chuck & Jenni Borsellino - (04.29.2019)

    Episode 13

    Join us for an inspiring episode as Dr. Chuck & Jenni Borsellino open up about their family's difficult journey facing cancer, how God pulled them through, and what's happening next for them in Israel.

  • Tasha Masitha, Casey & Wendy Treat - (04.30.2019)

    Episode 14

    Join us as Casey & Wendy Treat from Christian Faith Center in Seattle, Washington, share their heart for ministry alongside Wendy's new book, "Fulfilled." Then, their daughter, Tasha Masitha, sings a beautiful piece off her new album, "Audience of One."

  • Myles & Katharine Weiss- (05.01.2019)

    Episode 15

    Don't miss out as Myles & Katharine Weiss talk about all things marriage alongside their book, "When Heaven Hits Home: Ancient Wisdom for Today's Couples."

  • Tony Miller- (05.06.2019)

    Episode 16

    Don't miss out as Bishop Tony Miller shares his incredible journey to becoming Pastor of The Gate Church in Oklahoma City and how God's using him to impact ministers everywhere through Destiny Network.

  • Dudley Rutherford- (05.07.2019)

    Episode 17

    Don't miss this special episode as Dudley Rutherford, Pastor of the Shepherd Church in Los Angeles, talks about church diversity and details behind his book, "Compelled: The Irresistible Call to Share Your Faith."

  • Israel Campbell & Brenda Crouch - (05.08.2019)

    Episode 18

    Join us as Israel Campbell, campus pastor of Wave Church LA, talks about the "Art of Sonship;" and then, Brenda Crouch opens up about her past abuse and God's healing in her book, "Fight Forward."

  • Rob, Becca, and Connor Ketterling - (05.13.2019)

    Episode 19

    Don't miss out as Pastors Rob, Becca, and Connor Ketterling from River Valley Church share more behind Connor's miraculous healing from autism, alongside Rob's new book, "Fix It!"

  • Ron Phillips- (05.14.2019))

    Episode 20

    The Pastor Emeritus of Abba's House, Dr. Ron Phillips, helps us better understand the war between good and evil with his book, "Everyone's Guide to Demons & Spiritual Warfare."

  • Michael Todd - (05.15.2019)

    Episode 21

    Don't miss out as Pastor Michael Todd, from Transformation Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma, shares his life story, what it means to be marked by God, and surrendering to the greater purpose.

  • David & Nicole Crank - (05.16.2019)

    Episode 22

    Join us as David & Nicole Crank of Faith Church share about what God is speaking to them, as well as an update on their upcoming women's conference.

  • Jerome Fernando & Darlene Zschech - (05.20.2019)

    Episode 23

    Today's show opens with the tragic news of Daystar's Israel Studio being attacked by an arson, how viewers can help in the rebuilding, and recent updates from Pastor Jerome Fernando of King's Revival Church on how God's healing and restoring Sri Lanka since it's recent terrorist attacks over East...

  • Charles Billingsley - (05.21.2019)

    Episode 24

    Singer, songwriter, and speaker, Charles Billingsley, shares more about his career journey, how God healed him, and music from his hit albums, "Only Jesus" and "Right Here."