Joni Table Talk

Joni Table Talk

7 Seasons

A lively and sometimes unpredictable half hour talk show, Joni Table Talk (hosted by co-founder of Daystar Television Joni Lamb) tackles a wide range of relevant issues, controversial subjects and hard hitting news topics with candor and wit. Combining colorful feature segments with an array of notable guests, Joni offers a fresh perspective on issues ranging from health and nutrition to divorce and alternative lifestyles.

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Joni Table Talk
  • Joni 1 on 1 | Chat Mattson | Glyn & Sophia Barrett

    Episode 1

    Be inspired to walk by faith and overcome your past as Joshua Brown interviews Chad Mattson with Unspoken and Glyn and Sophia Barrett from Audacious Church in Manchester, England. (J1622)

  • Becoming Blissfully Brown | Introducing Joshua Brown

    Episode 2

    Relive a great love story as we explore a journey that began half a world away in this inside look at the life and family legacy that led Aussie Planetshaker, Joshua Brown, to Daystar's own Rachel Lamb. See the incredible impact and influence of Josh's parents, how God divinely brought him to Rac...

  • Cancer | David Ward

    Episode 3

    Joni Lamb and the ladies at the table celebrate the "cancer free" status of her own family member and discuss the alternative journey he took to hear those words. (J1647)

  • Joy | Carol McLeod

    Episode 4

    Author and speaker, Carol McLeod, shares how God delivered her from despair and gave her joy after multiple miscarriages. (J1665)

  • Becoming Blissfully Brown | It's All In the Details

    Episode 5

    Filled with the unique details that made Josh and Rachel's wedding so special, this behind-the-scenes look shares the inspiring stories of those who added the finishing touches to their big day. From the one-of-a-kind invitations, to the intricate design of the dress, to the custom gift boxes cre...

  • Visits from Heaven | Pete Deison

    Episode 6

    The heartache of losing a loved one can be extremely difficult especially when combined with uncontrolled circumstances. Pete Deison is at the table to share his own story of how depression took his most valued treasure. (J1670)

  • Becoming Blissfully Brown | Stepping Into Forever

    Episode 7

    Celebrate Josh and Rachel's one year anniversary as two finally became one in this intimate look back at the wedding ceremony, reception, and their first outreach as husband and wife. See never-before-aired interviews as family members share their favorite moments and memories in this exclusive f...

  • Fear Won't Win | Karen Peck

    Episode 8

    Karen Peck of Karen Peck and New River, sits down at the table to talk about overcoming fear in the midst of life's twists and turns - and she and New River share their anointed new music with us! (J1690)

  • Just a Little Girl | Victoria Sarvadi

    Episode 9

    Author and teacher, Victoria Sarvadi talks about the events that led up to a near death experience she had early in life, and the journey that it started her on, even until this day. (J1694)

  • Joni 1 on 1 | Rebecca Lamb

    Episode 10

    The Daystar production team covers the March for Life 2017. Rebecca Lamb interviews those whose lives have been impacted by abortion. (J1695)

  • Stay the Path | Bobbie Houston

    Episode 11

    With 40 years of ministry under her belt as co-pastor of Hillsong Church, Bobbie Houston shares her hard-fought wisdom to navigating the challenges and wonders of life, love, and leadership from her new book Stay the Path. (J1696)

  • Standing in the Fire | Tom & Joann Doyle

    Episode 12

    What does it cost to be a light in darkness? Tom and JoAnn Doyle share miraculous stories of persecuted Christians in the Middle East. (J1697)

  • Draw of Heaven | Sharon Daugherty

    Episode 13

    Is there hope in the midst of grief? Pastor Sharon Daugherty shares her journey of trusting God with the loss of her husband. (J1698)

  • Joni 1 on 1 | Anna LeBaron

    Episode 14

    A polygamist family, a string of shocking murders and a dangerous cult; Joni sits down for a one-on-one interview with Anna LeBaron, daughter of infamous leader Ervil LeBaron, for an inside look at her life as a polygamist's daughter and how she escaped. (J1699)

  • Leadership | Mmusi Maimane | Samuel Rodriguez | Theo Zurenuoc

    Episode 15

    Where can one small "yes" to God take you? Joni sits down with some of today's biggest political and ministry leaders to discuss the power of a "yes" moment! (J1700)

  • Legacy | Andrew & Russell Evans

    Episode 16

    Joni sits down with three generations of the Evans family, founders of Australia's Paradise and Planetshakers churches, to discuss how it all started and what is keeping the legacy going. (J1701)

  • Unscripted: Worship | Darlene Zschech | Sam Evans | Joth Hunt

    Episode 17

    Join Joni Lamb in Melbourne, Australia as she discusses worship with some of today's premier worship leaders around the globe. (J1702)

  • Turnaround | Jason Lozano | Obed Martinez

    Episode 18

    Are you praying for your son's salvation? Join us on location in Australia as two pastors share their testimony of prodigal living to finding peace with God. (J1703)

  • Joni 1 on 1 | Dan Flynn | Scott Bakken

    Episode 19

    For this special Joni One on One: Josh Brown sits down with Dan Flynn, co-founder of Thankyou non-profit, and then with Scott Bakken, founder of the social community, Socality. (J1704)

  • Joni 1 on 1 | Beatrice Lamonte | Mehwish Imran

    Episode 20

    Rebecca Lamb sits down with two amazing women who are taking the Gospel to the world. Beatrice Lamonte, a centurion who is still on fire for God, and, Evangelist and Pakistani language interpreter, Mehwish Imran, who shares how God is using her and her husband to reach the people of Pakistan with...

  • Women - Free Chat | Trina Jenkins

    Episode 21

    Trina Jenkins, co-pastor of First Baptist Church of Glenarden, joins the ladies at the table to share her story and talk about overcoming challenges that may be unique to women, and women in ministry in particular. (J1712)

  • Spouse Feel Special! | Dr. Emerson Eggerichs

    Episode 22

    Dr. Emerson Eggerichs is back at the table to tell you how to breathe life back into your marriage as he talks about love, honor, sex and more. (J1715)

    Parental Discretion Advised: The content of this program may not be suitable for young viewers.

  • Love Like You've Never Been Hurt | Jentezen Franklin

    Episode 23

    What does it take to truly walk in love? Jentezen Franklin shares from his personal struggles and provides the truth necessary to love like you’ve never been hurt. (J1716)

  • Before You Hit Send | Dr. Eggerichs

    Episode 24

    Discover how to succeed in life and relationships as Dr. Emerson Eggerichs joins the table. Today, he'll show you how you might be stuck in a habit of bad communication and how to fix it. (J1717)