Joni Table Talk

Joni Table Talk

7 Seasons

A lively and sometimes unpredictable half hour talk show, Joni Table Talk (hosted by co-founder of Daystar Television Joni Lamb) tackles a wide range of relevant issues, controversial subjects and hard hitting news topics with candor and wit. Combining colorful feature segments with an array of notable guests, Joni offers a fresh perspective on issues ranging from health and nutrition to divorce and alternative lifestyles.

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Joni Table Talk
  • Fall in Love | CeCe Winans

    Episode 1

    Beloved Gospel artist, Cece Winans, shares some of her personal story and new music from her latest solo project, "Let Them Fall In Love." (J1560)

  • Joni Music | Mix Tape #4

    Episode 2

    Love music? Then get ready to worship and sing with another great round of never-before-seen performances as Joni welcomes CeCe Winans, Da'Dra Greathouse, Larnelle Harris, Dara MacLean, Jason Crabb and Karen Peck & New River. (J1675)

  • I Am the Enemy: I Am Lucifer Pt. 1 | Jimmy Evans

    Episode 3

    Jimmy Evans helps us understand the reality of the devil, and our authority over him as believers. (J1681)

  • I Am the Enemy: I Am Satan Pt. 2 | Jimmy Evans

    Episode 4

    Jimmy Evans continues the discussion on understanding the reality of the devil, and reveals the truth about who he is warring against. (J1682)

  • Mysteries Pt. 4 | Jonathan Cahn

    Episode 5

    What secrets are hidden in the pages of the Bible? Rabbi Jonathan Cahn is back to explore more from his Book of Mysteries. (J1687)

  • Sexless & Married | Doug Weiss

    Episode 6

    Does your marriage lack sex and intimacy? Dr. Doug Weiss joins Joni and the Ladies to talk about the causes of sexlessness in marriage and what to do about it. (J1691)

  • I Am the Enemy: I Am Devil Pt. 3 | Jimmy Evans

    Episode 7

    This series continues with Pastor Jimmy Evans as talks about the role of the devil as the ultimate slanderer and accuser. (J1692)

  • I Am the Enemy: I Am Anti-Christ Pt. 4 | Jimmy Evans

    Episode 8

    So many questions surrounding the antichrist found in end time prophecy. Pastor Jimmy Evans discusses the devil's role as the antichrist. (J1693)

  • A Transgender's Faith | Walt Heyer

    Episode 9

    Former transgender, Walt Heyer, talks about why he became transgender, and why he eventually decided to detransition. (J1706)

  • Unshakeable Trust | Joyce Meyer

    Episode 10

    Where does your trust lie? Joyce Meyer joins the table to share about the power of living a life completely dependent on God and how it leads to a joy-filled life. (J1709)

  • Gender Identity | Joe Dallas | Dennis Jernigan

    Episode 11

    Homosexuality can be a difficult subject to talk about - especially with those who struggle with it. Experts Joe Dallas and Dennis Jernigan share how to create an open, loving dialogue that's still rooted in truth. (J1721)

  • Names of God | Harry Jackson

    Episode 12

    Bishop Harry Jackson shares what the different names of God mean and how they reveal His character. (J1724)

  • Redemption Pt. 3 | Jimmy Evans

    Episode 13

    What will Heaven really be like? Pastor Jimmy Evans unfolds another promise in the Word of God for Part 3 of our "Redemption" Series - redemption of our bodies. (J1733)

  • Love Hunger | David Foster

    Episode 14

    David Kyle Foster tells how his search for love took him on a journey from homosexuality to wholeness. (J1734)

  • Armed & Dangerous | John Ramirez

    Episode 15

    John Ramirez is at the table to reveal the ultimate battle plan to live Armed and Dangerous. (J1737)

  • Redemption Pt. 4 | Jimmy Evans

    Episode 16

    What will Heaven really be like? Pastor Jimmy Evans uncovers another facet in Part 4 of our "Redemption" Series - redemption of home. (J1739)

  • I Am #8 | John & Aventer Gray

    Episode 17

    John and Aventer Gray share how God brought them from being unknown to internationally recognized for helping others. (J1742)

  • Sacrament of Happy | Lisa Harper

    Episode 18

    Get ready to laugh, cry and be inspired as Lisa Harper shares her journey from abuse to discovering the sacrament of happiness. (J1743)

  • Living the Let Go Life | Joseph Prince

    Episode 19

    Has worry, stress and anxiety got you feeling trapped? Don't miss Joseph Prince as he reveals the freedom and rest you can have when you "Live the Let-Go Life." (J1745)

  • Jesus Called | Ray Johnston

    Episode 20

    Ray Johnston shares practical ways for the church to bless our community and rebuild our foundation of faith. (J1746)

  • End Times Revealed | Jimmy Evans

    Episode 21

    Filmed live in Israel! Jimmy Evans is answering your questions on the events that will lead us to the final chapter in Revelation. (J1747)

  • Sacred Slow | Dr. Alicia Britt Chole

    Episode 22

    Speaker, author and mentor Dr. Alicia Britt Chole helps us to slow our faith down and see relationship with God in a whole new way. (J1748)

  • Aly's Fight | Josh & Aly Taylor

    Episode 23

    What do you do when dreams you've held onto for years are shattered? Josh and Aly Taylor share about their journey and the miracles waiting on the other side. (J1749)

  • Turnaround God | Rhonda Davis

    Episode 24

    What do you do when life tests your faith? Rhonda Davis shares her story of finding hope in the midst of loss. (J1750)