Joni Table Talk

Joni Table Talk

6 Seasons

A lively and sometimes unpredictable half hour talk show, Joni Table Talk (hosted by co-founder of Daystar Television Joni Lamb) tackles a wide range of relevant issues, controversial subjects and hard hitting news topics with candor and wit. Combining colorful feature segments with an array of notable guests, Joni offers a fresh perspective on issues ranging from health and nutrition to divorce and alternative lifestyles.

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Joni Table Talk
  • The Overcoming Life Pt. 1 | Jimmy Evans

    Episode 1

    Live empowered and break free from the trap of comparison as Jimmy Evans shares profound and transformative biblical principles that will change your reality in our special series, The Overcoming Life. (J1914)

    This series is also available as a digital download at

  • Reclaiming Our Forgotten Heritage Pt. 2 | Curt & Christie Landry

    Episode 2

    Curt Landry believes our Jewish heritage can equip us to walk out our God-given destiny. Find out how, as he joins Joni and the ladies at the table. (J1943)

  • Reclaiming Our Forgotten Heritage Pt. 1 | Curt & Christie Landry

    Episode 3

    Can you be totally free from drugs and alcohol? Curt Landry shares his personal story of an encounter with Jesus that changed everything. (J1929)

  • Partner Betrayal | Doug Weiss

    Episode 4

    What is the real effect of betrayal? Dr. Doug Weiss is back to share how women are physically, mentally and emotionally impacted by a partner’s betrayal and how they can find healing. (J1871)

  • His Story | At Boshoff

    Episode 5

    What kind of impact can a transformed life have? Pastor At Boshoff joins the table to reveal how God challenged his racial prejudices and has used him to lead a generation in building a unified Church. (J1958)

  • Joni 1 on 1 | Tamsin Evans

    Episode 6

    Discover the power of the creative as Tamsin Evans joins Joshua and Rachel Lamb Brown for an up-close and personal look at how the arts can change the lives of the next generation. (J1938)

  • God is on the Throne | Joth Hunt

    Episode 7

    What do you do when life stops you in your tracks? Joth Hunt of Planetshakers joins the table to share about the unexpected journey of facing cancer. Plus he shares a song birthed from that season. (J1948)

  • TranZformed | David Foster

    Episode 8

    Transgenderism is making headlines, but what is happening in the individual lives for those dealing with it? David Kyle Foster's newest documentary, TranZformed, shares numerous accounts of those who have struggled with identity and have found hope. (J1725)
    Parental Discretion Advised: The conte...

  • Breaking Cover: My Life in the CIA | Michele Rigby Assad

    Episode 9

    Michele Rigby Assad, a former CIA agent, joins the table to tell her story and how God used her to touch lives all over the Middle East.

  • Stories of Divine Healing | Randy Clark

    Episode 10

    Are you struggling with receiving your healing? Randy Clark, founder of Global Awakening, joins us to share how God miraculously healed him after a severe accident and what the Lord revealed to him in obtaining victory as well as testimonies from his new book, "Stories of Divine Healing." (J1567)

  • Joni Music | Anthony Evans & Forever Jones

    Episode 11

    Touch the heart of God and step into His presence through the power of worship as we welcome River Valley Worship, Anthony Evans and Forever Jones. (J1605)

  • A Lasting Peace | Jonathan Bernis

    Episode 12

    Is peace really possible in the Middle East? Rabbi Jonathan Bernis joins the table to reveal how the conflict over the land of Israel is a spiritual battle and why your prayers can make a difference. (J1714)

  • Signs in the Heavens | Troy Brewer

    Episode 13

    Pastor Troy Brewer reveals how the 2017 solar eclipse and the 2019 lunar eclipse reveal God's heart and signal change for America. (J1751)

  • Joni Music | Glowreeyah Braimah

    Episode 14

    Her journey to faith left her estranged from her family, but God restored her family and gave her a new song! Glowreeyah Braimah joins the table to share her story and incredible music. (J1790)

  • Victory or Death | Lt. Col. Allen West

    Episode 15

    Lieutenant Colonel Allen West joins the table to discuss how progressive socialist beliefs are negatively affecting our country and why we must take a stand for Biblical beliefs. (J1816)

  • Weiss Choice Pt 1 | Jonathan & Rebecca Weiss

    Episode 16

    Help us celebrate Jonathan & Rebecca's 1-year wedding anniversary, as they give you an inside look at their individual steps of faith that led to finding purpose and each other. (J1818)

  • Weiss Choice Pt 2 | Jonathan & Rebecca Weiss

    Episode 17

    We continue celebrating Jonathan and Rebecca's 1-year anniversary by looking back at how God orchestrated all the little details of their love story. (J1819)

  • Weiss Choice Pt 3 | Jonathan & Rebecca Weiss

    Episode 18

    In part three of our celebration of Jonathan and Rebecca's 1-year anniversary, we take a deeper look at the amazing Jewish and family traditions that helped make their wedding one unforgettable day. (J1820)

  • Journey to Heaven | Jesse Duplantis

    Episode 19

    Jesse Duplantis stops by to share about his amazing journey to heaven and what it means for us personally. (J1832)

  • Sacred Rest | Dr. Saundra Dalton Smith

    Episode 20

    Dr. Saundra Dalton Smith shares how a multi-faceted understanding and implementation of rest is what we each need to live our best lives. (J1834)

  • Us Against the World | David & Tamela Mann

    Episode 21

    What builds a lasting marriage? David and Tamela Mann stop by for a hilarious time as they share funny stories and personal moments that have defined their marriage. (J1840)

  • I Am David Pt. 3 | Jimmy Evans

    Episode 22

    Jimmy Evans continues the “I Am David” series with today’s topic of “David the Warrior King.” (J1845)

  • I Am David Pt. 4 | Jimmy Evans

    Episode 23

    Jimmy Evans continues the “I Am David” series with today’s topic of “David the Winner.” (J1846)

  • The Rock, Road & Rabbi | Jason Sobel & Kathie Lee Gifford

    Episode 24

    Explore the historical places and traditions of ancient Israel as Kathie Lee Gifford and Rabbi Jason Sobel join the table to reveal the rich meaning of scripture that you may be missing out on from their new book, "The Rock, The Road & The Rabbi." (J1852)