Joni Table Talk

Joni Table Talk

7 Seasons

A lively and sometimes unpredictable half hour talk show, Joni Table Talk (hosted by co-founder of Daystar Television Joni Lamb) tackles a wide range of relevant issues, controversial subjects and hard hitting news topics with candor and wit. Combining colorful feature segments with an array of notable guests, Joni offers a fresh perspective on issues ranging from health and nutrition to divorce and alternative lifestyles.

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Joni Table Talk
  • Navigating Genesis Pt. 1 | Dr. Hugh Ross

    Episode 1

    Rediscover the book of Genesis! The ladies welcome scientist and speaker Dr. Hugh Ross to share how faith and science are coming together to unlock the mysteries of creation. You don't want to miss it! (J1337)

  • Joni Music | Judy Jacobs

    Episode 2

    Coming up, a special edition of Table Talk - Joni Music with Judy Jacobs! (J1338)

  • Supernatural | Sid Roth

    Episode 3

    Get ready to encounter the Supernatural! Sid Roth shares his experience with the supernatural, what ultimately changed his life and what testimonies he's encountered throughout the years. (J1416)

  • Storm Chaser | Terry Law

    Episode 4

    From humble and rebellious beginnings to spreading hope in the world's most dangerous regions, Terry Law joins the table to share how surrendering to God's call can lead to an undeniably purpose-filled life. (J1421)

  • Miracles | Christy Beam

    Episode 5

    Christy Beam shares the miraculous story of her daughter's healing and journey to heaven. (J1425)

  • Joni Music | Phillips, Craig and Dean

    Episode 6

    Don't miss more great music, as I welcome Christian recording artists Phillips, Craig and Dean! They're in our studio to share music from their latest album "Above It All." (J1427)

  • Joni Music | Forever Jones

    Episode 7

    It's time for another music-filled program! We've got a talented family with a passion for music. ForeverJONES is in our studio! (J1430)

  • Joni Music | Covenant Worship

    Episode 8

    If you love music, then you don't want to miss another special music Thursday! Our good friends David and Nicole Binion stop by with Covenant Worship to share music from their latest album, "Kingdom." (J1431)

  • Joni Music | Ginny Owens

    Episode 9

    Are you ready for another great round of music? We're back with another talented artist! Christian recording artists Ginny Owens is in our studio, and you don't want to miss it! (J1432)

  • Anxiety and Frustration | Sandra McCollom

    Episode 10

    Are anxiety, condemnation and unmet expectations keeping you imprisoned? Sandra McCollom stopped by to share her journey from a stressed out perfectionist to a free and happy wife and mother. (J1433)

  • Life After Loss | Ricky & Cyd Texada

    Episode 11

    Fulfilling destiny after tragedy! We're joined by Ricky and Cyd Texada as they share about Ricky's tragic loss of his first wife and miraculous journey that followed. (J1434)

  • Recovery | Dr. Doug Weiss

    Episode 12

    Break free from the prison of addiction! We're back once again with Dr. Doug Weiss as he shares tips and principles from his book "Recovery for Everyone." (J1436)

  • Can Christians Be Gay? | Dr. Michael Brown

    Episode 13

    Can you be Christian and Gay? We tackle this controversial topic with the help of our special guest, Dr. Michael Brown. (J1437)

  • Healing Neen | Tonier Cain

    Episode 14

    Join the ladies at the table as they welcome Tonier Cain to share her incredible testimony. (J1438)

  • Joni Music | Matt Papa

    Episode 15

    Get ready to worship with Matt Papa as he shares music from his new CD, Matt Papa Live! (J1439)

  • Worship | Matt Papa

    Episode 16

    Worship leader and author Matt Papa joins the table to share his story of transformation and the importance of directing our worship towards God. (J1440)

  • Whatever the Cost | The Benham Brothers

    Episode 17

    What would you lay down your dreams for? Coming up on Joni Table Talk, real estate prodigies, David and Jason Benham, stop by to share about their rise to success, a busted TV deal and what they learned along the way! (J1441)

  • Emotional Fitness | Doug Weiss

    Episode 18

    Are you emotionally fit? How do you know? Today on Joni Table Talk, we're talking about feelings and how to experience them in healthy ways with the help of our special guest, Dr. Doug Weiss. Don't miss it! (J1442)

  • Navigating Genesis Pt. 2 | Dr. Hugh Ross

    Episode 19

    Dive deeper into the book of Genesis! The ladies welcome back scientist and speaker Dr. Hugh Ross to share more on how faith and science are coming together to unlock the mysteries of creation. You don't want to miss it! (J1443)

  • Faith | Jenny Roebert

    Episode 20

    Is lack of surrender keeping you from your destiny? The ladies and I welcome Jenny Roebert of River Church in East London, South Africa, to discover what's possible when you simply say "yes" to God. (J1445)

  • Suffering in Silence | Renee Hornbuckle

    Episode 21

    A dark secret and an unexpected road to freedom! Coming up on Joni Table Talk, Renee Hornbuckle is at the table to break the silence on abuse. Don't miss her remarkable story as she shares how a scandal changed everything! (J1446)

  • Trust vs. Fear | Arnold & Angela Torres

    Episode 22

    Tired of living in fear? Special guests Arnold and Angela Torres share how fear of their son's medical needs led to years of torment, but trust was the ultimate key to peace. (J1447)

  • Killing Lions | John & Sam Eldredge

    Episode 23

    John Eldredge and his son Sam Eldredge shed light on the trials young men face along the journey to manhood as we discuss their new book, Killing Lions. (J1448)

  • Miracle in the Middle | Charlotte Gambill

    Episode 24

    Do you feel stuck in the middle? Charlotte Gambill joins the table to help us navigate and discover miracles along the journey of life. (J1449)