Joni Table Talk

Joni Table Talk

6 Seasons

A lively and sometimes unpredictable half hour talk show, Joni Table Talk (hosted by co-founder of Daystar Television Joni Lamb) tackles a wide range of relevant issues, controversial subjects and hard hitting news topics with candor and wit. Combining colorful feature segments with an array of notable guests, Joni offers a fresh perspective on issues ranging from health and nutrition to divorce and alternative lifestyles.

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Joni Table Talk
  • COVID-19 Treatments | Dr. Richard Bartlett

    Episode 1

    Dr. Richard Bartlett shares about the new treatment protocol he is using to treat COVID and the impact it is having. (J2031)

  • Image Bearers | Herbie Newell

    Episode 2

    What will it take to achieve real change in the fight against abortion? Herbie Newell reveals how we can adapt our perspective to shift from being just pro-birth to being fully Pro Life. (J2028)

  • Joni Music | Lindell Cooley

    Episode 3

    From recording artist to worship leader at a revival that touched millions. Lindell Cooley joins the table to share his music and more about his amazing journey. (J1992)

  • Healing & Transition | Glen, Deborah & Micah Berteau

    Episode 4

    An unexpected cardiac arrest and an unlikely outcome. Glen, Deborah and Micah Berteau share their remarkable account of this modern-day miracle. (J1988)

  • Building Love in Blended Families | Ron Deal

    Episode 5

    Discover how to transform your family as author Ron Deal reveals the key to building love inside the unique structure of blended families. (J2051)

  • Communication IQ | Anna Kendall & Jerry Parsons

    Episode 6

    Anna Kendall and Jerry Parsons join the table to discuss how you can revolutionize your life, business, and family through understanding communication. (J1996)

  • Living God’s Dream Pt. 2 | Joni Lamb

    Episode 7

    Celebrate Joni’s 2000th episode as she continues to reflect on Living God’s Dream for her life in television, the unforgettable guests and some of her favorite moments. (J2000)

  • Living God’s Dream Pt. 1 | Joni Lamb

    Episode 8

    Join the celebration as Joni looks back at Living God’s Dream of starting her own show, interviewing exciting and anointed guests, and the unforgettable moments along the way. (J1999)

  • 6 Hidden Behaviors That Destroy Families | Magdalena Battles

    Episode 9

    Psychologist Dr. Magdalena Battles shares the six tactics the enemy uses to wreak havoc in families and how you can be the catalyst that brings healing to yours. (J2004)

  • I Am Joseph Pt. 2 | Jimmy Evans

    Episode 10

    Jimmy Evans continues our series on the life of Joseph and how his journey of faith can be applied to our own walk with the Lord. (J2054)

  • I Am Joseph Pt. 1 | Jimmy Evans

    Episode 11

    From a young dreamer to a leader that would save a nation, Jimmy Evans kicks off our series revealing the lessons and principles from the life of Joseph. (J2053)

  • My Redeemer Lives | Nicole C. Mullen

    Episode 12

    Christian Recording Artist Nicole C. Mullen shares her personal story of abuse and recovery as well as the genesis and legacy of her hit song, My Redeemer Lives. (J2021)

  • Expectations | Joni Lamb

    Episode 13

    Join Joni on location in South Africa as she reveals the joy she found in learning to love, serve, and forgive without expectations. (J1500)

  • COVID-19 Cancel Culture – Pt. 2 | Dr. Simone Gold & Rabbi David Smith

    Episode 14

    Reopening, treatment options and more. We continue our conversation with Dr Simone Gold and Rabbi David Smith to bring you more insight for preserving your freedom and protecting your health. (2081)

  • COVID-19 Cancel Culture – Pt. 1 | Dr. Simone Gold & Rabbi David Smith

    Episode 15

    Discover the truth as Dr. Simone Gold of America’s Frontline Doctors along with Rabbi David Smith join the table to talk about censorship and lockdown strategies regarding COVID-19. (J2077)

  • If You Can Keep It | Eric Metaxas

    Episode 16

    With the U.S. at a crossroads, what is next for America? Eric Metaxas joins the table to share why virtue is the key to maintaining freedom and how we can bring this country back from the brink. (J2075)

  • Exposing the Enemy Pt. 2 | John Ramirez

    Episode 17

    How can we overcome the attacks of the devil? John Ramirez reveals strategies to win the fight from his book, “Armed and Dangerous.” (J2061)

  • Exposing the Enemy Pt. 1 | John Ramirez

    Episode 18

    How can we overcome the attacks of the devil? John Ramirez reveals strategies to win the fight from his book, “Armed and Dangerous.” (J2012)

  • Seeing Heaven | Adina Kring & Charlotte Holmes

    Episode 19

    Imagine getting a glimpse of the beauty and serenity of heaven and then having to return to earth! Adina Kring and Charlotte Holmes share their near-death experiences and how it changed their lives. (J1997)

  • You Can Hear God’s Voice | Kevin Zadai

    Episode 20

    Kevin Zadai stops by to share about his journey to heaven and a divine encounter that revealed a message for the times we’re living in. (J2068)

  • Restoring A Nation | Kynan Bridges

    Episode 21

    Dive into the prophetic as Dr. Kynan Bridges shares the dream God gave him regarding the President and what’s happening in America. (J2056)

  • Sexual Identity Pt. 5 | Landon Schott, Janet Boynes, Joe Dallas

    Episode 22

    Landon Schott, Joe Dallas, and Janet Boynes join us for the riveting conclusion to our Sexual Identity series as they reveal the Church’s role in bringing genuine love, truth, and transformation to the LGBTQ community. (J2036)

  • Sexual Identity Pt. 6 | Jim & Amanda Domen

    Episode 23

    Who does God say you are, and what does He say about sexuality? Jim and Amanda Domen join the table to talk about Jim’s journey through the homosexual lifestyle and the hope they are sharing with others today. (J2003)

  • Sexual Identity Pt. 2 | Edward Byrd & Janet Boynes

    Episode 24

    Can God redeem those desires for the same sex? Don’t miss Edward Byrd’s incredible music and testimony in Part Two of our Sexual Identity series. (J1029)