Joni Table Talk

Joni Table Talk

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A lively and sometimes unpredictable half hour talk show, Joni Table Talk (hosted by co-founder of Daystar Television Joni Lamb) tackles a wide range of relevant issues, controversial subjects and hard hitting news topics with candor and wit. Combining colorful feature segments with an array of notable guests, Joni offers a fresh perspective on issues ranging from health and nutrition to divorce and alternative lifestyles.

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Joni Table Talk
  • Refreshing Times Devotional Series Pt. 2 | Joni Lamb

    Get inspired with part 2 of our special devotional series as Joni welcomes Dodie Osteen, April Simons, Anne Graham Lotz, Cindy Johnston and Benita Arterberry to share messages of hope and encouragement. (J1601)

  • 6 Hidden Behaviors That Destroy Families | Magdalena Battles

    Psychologist Dr. Magdalena Battles shares the six tactics the enemy uses to wreak havoc in families and how you can be the catalyst that brings healing to yours. (J2004)

  • Rising Darkness Pt. 3 | Thomas Horn & Jimmy Evans

    Thomas Horn and Jimmy Evans are back to answer those questions we all have regarding the last days, global events, and more. (J2059)

  • Rising Darkness Pt. 2 | Thomas Horn & Jimmy Evans

    Thomas Horn shares more about the dark schemes of the enemy that are being exposed and what to expect in the days ahead as the coming of the Lord draws closer. (J2060)

  • Rising Darkness Pt. 1 | Thomas Horn & Jimmy Evans

    Thomas Horn and Jimmy Evans tackle the topic of Transhumanism and how close we are to seeing it become reality. (J2058)

  • Refreshing Times Devotional Series Pt. 1 | Joni Lamb

    Start your year off right as Joni kicks off our special devotional series with anointed messages from Marilyn Hickey, Wendy Treat, Cindy Murdock and Suzy Lamb. (J1600)

  • Joni Music | Sean Feucht

    Get ready to experience God in a new way as Joni and the ladies sit down with Sean Feucht to talk about leading massive outdoor worship services all over America in response to racial injustice and the riots as well as hear some amazing music. (J2084)

  • Survive to Thrive | Samuel Rodriguez

    Rise above uncertainty and fear as Pastor Samuel Rodriguez shares wisdom as well as his own personal journey through the ups and downs of this past year to take you from just surviving to living a thriving life. (J2085)

  • Uninvited | Lysa TerKeurst

    Overcome the sting of rejection as Lysa TerKeurst returns to the table to share her own struggle and what she learned about walking in freedom. (J2067)

  • Forgiving What You Can’t Forget | Lysa TerKeurst

    Discover the power of forgiveness as Lysa TerKeurst joins the table to share her own insight and experience that will transform your perspective. (J2066)

  • 2021 | Troy Brewer

    Step into the new year with a special word from Pastor Troy Brewer regarding 2021, what the Lord’s revealing, and what that means for you. (J2079)