Joel Osteen

Joel Osteen

6 Episodes

Joel Osteen has quickly become a leading voice for a new generation of ministers. After becoming Senior Pastor in October of 1999, Lakewood Church has more than quadrupled its weekly attendance and is one of America’s most diverse churches. According to and Outreach magazine, Lakewood is the largest and fastest growing congregation in America with over 25,000 in attendance each weekend.

Pastor Joel Osteen, a native Houstonian, has committed his life to serving and helping every person, regardless of background and economic status, to achieve their fullest potential. Having started Lakewood’s television outreach ministry, Joel Osteen worked side-by-side with his father, founding Pastor John Osteen for 17 years, and took Lakewood’s positive message of hope to over 100 million households throughout the United States and 100 countries worldwide. Recent Nielsen Media Research rated Joel Osteen’s broadcast as the #1 inspirational program nationally, based on average television viewers per market.

There is a new generation rising at Lakewood Church; a generation without limits. Pastor Joel Osteen is a proven leader for this generation – a generation that believes all things are possible!

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Joel Osteen
  • Don't Rely on People

    Episode 1

    Do you depend on other people to determine your value as an individual? Today we can often find ourselves addicted to the approval of others, but people won't always help you feel good about yourself. They will let you down. Pastor Joel explains how true worth can come only from God.

  • Yes Is Coming

    Episode 2

    Have you heard "no" so much that you've given up on your dreams? Many times when we face closed doors, we can assume that we've reached the end and it will never happen. Pastor Joel Osteen explains how God still has more for you, but it all comes down to timing.

  • Better Together

    Episode 3

    It's easy to do life on our own and think we don't need help from anyone, but we can't reach our full potential by ourselves. Who has God brought into your life to push you toward your purpose? Pastor Joel shares how faith and community can create something powerful.

  • The Open Windows of Heaven

    Episode 4

    Have you reached your limit? Have you settled for where you are and think nothing will ever change? Often we try everything we can through our own power, but the truth is we are not on our own. Pastor Joel reveals how your honor and obedience to God opens your life to divine blessing.

  • The God Who Goes Before You

    Episode 5

    Do you have obstacles standing in your way? Have you ever felt like the odds were stacked against you? In life, there will always be something that you will have to overcome on the road to your destiny, but the Lord is with you in the trial. Pastor Joel reveals that no matter the difficulty it's ...

  • Living Joyful

    Episode 6

    What's weighing you down? Are the cares of this life chipping away at your heart and robbing you of your joy? Pastor Joel shares the key to shaking off the heaviness that's draining the life out of you.