Kingdom Connection | Jentezen Franklin

Kingdom Connection | Jentezen Franklin

11 Episodes

Kingdom Connection, featuring pastor and best-selling author Jentezen Franklin, delivers powerful, life-changing messages filled with hope and inspiration to a lost and dying world. Known for his unique ability to connect with cultures throughout the globe, Kingdom Connection crosses political, social, and economic boundaries by bringing practical understanding to timeless spiritual truths. As the pastor of Free Chapel, a multi-campus church, each message contains practical truths for every day victorious living. As the leader of an international ministry Jentezen Franklin leads an organization that is responsible for feeding and housing literally thousands of people, helps set free captives of human slavery, and connects the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the multitudes in over 219 nations throughout the earth.

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Kingdom Connection | Jentezen Franklin
  • Acres of Diamonds | Part 2

    Episode 1

  • Acres of Diamonds | Part 1

    Episode 2

  • Open My Eyes

    Episode 3

  • Acres of Diamonds

    Episode 4

  • The Power of Influence

    Episode 5

  • Steady Your Soul

    Episode 6

  • Little By Little

    Episode 7

  • "Your Failure is Not Final" | Jentezen Franklin

    Episode 8

    Discover how failure can be a stepping stone for the future as Pastor Jentezen Franklin shares a heartfelt message to help you experience God’s restoration power in your life from Forward Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • The Cave of Couples

    Episode 9

    Women are multipliers! God designed them to be the key to increase and supernatural support. This is why when a man finds a wife he finds favor with the Lord. Pastor Jentezen explains how a wife is truly her husband's divine help.

  • Wake Up the Mighty Men

    Episode 10

    What does real masculinity look like? In today's Church, men are disconnected and are missing from modern congregations. Pastor Jentezen Franklin explains how the Bible defines real men and what that means for you.

  • God Will Provide for You

    Episode 11

    How many different ways does God provide for you? He brings blessing into your life to show His love and power, but are you recognizing His hand at work? Pastor Jentezen Franklin shares how God wants to be the source of provision in your life.