Who does God say that you are? In this special series from Joni Table Talk, hear stories redemption from sexual abuse, confused gender roles, trasgenderism, and more.

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  • Sexual Identity Pt. 5 | Landon Schott, Janet Boynes, Joe Dallas

    Landon Schott, Joe Dallas, and Janet Boynes join us for the riveting conclusion to our Sexual Identity series as they reveal the Church’s role in bringing genuine love, truth, and transformation to the LGBTQ community. (J2036)

  • Sexual Identity Pt. 4 | Ronald McCray & Joe Dallas

    Sexual abuse and confused gender roles. Ronald McCray joins us for Part Four of our Sexual Identity series to share about his journey from homosexuality to wholeness as he answers the question: Is God Who He Says He Is? (J2029)

  • Sexual Identity Pt. 2 | Edward Byrd & Janet Boynes

    Can God redeem those desires for the same sex? Don’t miss Edward Byrd’s incredible music and testimony in Part Two of our Sexual Identity series. (J1029)

  • Sexual Identity Pt. 1 | Angel Colon & Janet Boynes

    How do you discover your true identity? Find out in Part One of our Sexual Identity series as Angel Colon shares about surviving the Pulse Nightclub shooting and what happened next. (J2007)