I Am Woman Conference

I Am Woman Conference

4 Seasons

The I Am Woman Conference is an event designed to transform your perspective as you discover how to embrace God’s truth and be set free. Renew your heart, mind, and soul while building strong faith that silences every fear in Jesus’ name!

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I Am Woman Conference
  • "Spiritual Pregnancy" | David Crank

    Episode 1

    Are you living with power and purpose? Pastor David Crank shares how the enemies' lies can make you feel small and why God wants you to dream big from I Am Woman Conference 2018!

  • "Focus on the Promise, Not the Process" | DeeDee Freeman

    Episode 2

    You were created to live with passion and purpose! Dr. DeeDee Freeman shares how faith and obedience can unlock the power of God's Kingdom in your life from I Am Woman Conference 2018!

  • Lunch Panel

    Episode 3

    On the journey of life, we all need encouragement! Join Pastor Nicole Crank, Kierra Sheard, Hope Snider, DeeDee Freeman, Lysa TerKeurst and Charla Turner as they share inspiring stories of faith that will strengthen you for the road ahead from I Am Woman Conference 2018!

  • "It's Not Supposed to Be This Way" | Lysa TerKeurst

    Episode 4

    Do the broken pieces of your heart seem impossible to repair? Bestselling Author Lysa TerKeurst shares how God can take even the dust of your shattered life and use it to create something beautiful from I Am Woman Conference 2018!

  • "You Can Rise" | Nicole Crank

    Episode 5

    Is the pain of your past preventing you from walking confidently into the future? Pastor Nicole Crank shares how worry, fear, and bitterness can delay your destiny and what you can do to break free and rise from I Am Woman Conference 2018!