HopeUC Conference

HopeUC Conference

3 Seasons

The HopeUC Worship Gathering is an experience created to release you to live in fullness through overcoming faith. Draw near to God’s presence and be liberated by His love to become all He had in mind when He made you!

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HopeUC Conference
  • "Being a Someone in God's Great Story" | Barney Weir

    Episode 1

    What's your story? Barney Weir shares lessons he's learned from the life of Joseph and how God can reconcile your past, present, and future to become a part of His greater story from the HopeUC Worship Conference.

  • Two Chairs | Chardon & Jasmine Lewis

    Episode 2

    Discover how to impact the next generation! Pastor Mark Zschech talks with Chardon and Jasmine Lewis of Citipointe Church about reaching young adults for Christ in real, relevant, and relatable ways.

  • Skype Interview | Darlene Zschech | Chris Tomlin

    Episode 3

    Discover the power of your "Holy Roar!" Darlene Zschech talks with singer-songwriter Chris Tomlin about the inspiration behind his music and how worship opens the door to supernatural breakthrough.

  • Two Chairs | Craig Johnson

    Episode 4

    Be inspired to become a difference maker! Pastor Mark Zschech talks with Craig Johnson of Lakewood Church about Champions Club, a ministry that helps schools, churches, and other organizations launch programs for children with special needs.

  • "Worship & Warfare - Part 2" | Dan Korocz

    Episode 5

    Discover the life-changing power of praise! Dan Korocz shares why worship brings breakthrough and how a "new song" can start transforming your circumstances today from the HopeUC Worship Conference.

  • "Worship & Warfare - Part 1" | Robert Spina

    Episode 6

    Can worship heal a broken heart? Robert Spina shares the powerful story of losing his wife to cancer and how praising God can help you experience peace through every storm from the HopeUC Worship Conference.

  • "Your Heaven Identity" | Dustin Smith

    Episode 7

    Get heaven's perspective! Dustin Smith reveals how to see yourself through God's eyes and avoid the lies of enemy that lead to condemnation and confusion from the HopeUC Worship Conference.

  • "Neighbor from Heaven" | Canon J. John

    Episode 8

    You were created to impact eternity! Canon J. John shares practical ways to reach out and touch lives in your community through the power of the Gospel from the HopeUC Worship Conference.

  • "My Story Moment" | Leland Mooring

    Episode 9

    Are you ready to say yes? Leeland Mooring shares why adventures await those willing to say "yes"¬ù to God and how your destiny takes shape when you put your life in His hands from the HopeUC Worship Conference.

  • "Someone vs. Somebody" | Mark Zschech

    Episode 10

    Don't worry about your destiny! Pastor Mark Zschech shares how to be present in the moment, focus on creating community, and live in peace as you trust God with your future from the HopeUC Worship Conference.