Harvest Africa

Harvest Africa

2 Episodes

Is it possible to be so filled with love that you overflow? Through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ it’s not only possible, it’s all part of His plan for your life!
Harvest Africa is an event created to help you connect with God’s presence through an encounter the Holy Spirit. Find forgiveness, freedom, and fullness as you embrace the Father’s heart for you and experience lasting peace.

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Harvest Africa
  • "Courage" | Ray McCauley

    Episode 1

    Strengthen your faith in the face of every fear as Pastor Ray McCauley shares how to develop courage that can never be defeated from Harvest Africa in in Pretoria, South Africa.

  • "Precious Pearl" | César Castellanos

    Episode 2

    Freely embrace the gift of salvation as Pastor César Castellanos shares how to connect with Jesus Christ and honor the precious price He paid for your redemption from Harvest Africa in in Pretoria, South Africa.