Gateway Student Conference

Gateway Student Conference

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We all have moments that have impacted our lives in ways that are undeniable. And the most powerful ones are always connected to an encounter with God. In His presence, we are transformed, renewed, and inspired to be more than we could ever be on our own. Now, it’s time to DO IT AGAIN!

The Gateway Student Conference will be one of those defining moments. It’s an event created to unite believers across the world in their awe of and love for God. It’s opportunity to stand together in faith, believing for revival to start again. And it begins with us!

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Gateway Student Conference
  • Charlotte Gambill

    Episode 1

    Charlotte has an infectious love for life, a deep love for people and zealous love for God's House. Her passion is to build the local church across the earth, to see people reach their full potential and to develop and strengthen leadership. Charlotte is known for her practical, humorous and pass...

  • John Gray

    Episode 2

    Watch John Gray at the 2014 Gateway Student Conference!

  • Tim Ross

    Episode 3

    Tim Ross is an executive pastor at Gateway Church, a multi-campus, evangelistic, Spirit-empowered church in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Tim speaks both nationally and internationally strengthening believers with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Tim began preaching at the age of 20 years old an...