Gateway Men's Summit

Gateway Men's Summit

7 Episodes

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Gateway Men's Summit
  • "From Regret to Redemption" | John Gray

    Episode 1

    Men's Summit is a world-class event that hosts thousands of guys, ages 12 and up, from all over the world and is a conference experience like no other!

  • Sion Alford

    Episode 2

  • Wilfredo De Jesus

    Episode 3

  • Robert Morris

    Episode 4

  • Benjamin Watson

    Episode 5

  • Bryan Loritts

    Episode 6

    Bryan Loritts is an author, speaker, and Pastor for Preaching and Mission at Trinity Grace Church in New York City. Bryan's unique ability to communicate the deep truths of Scripture in a relevant uncompromising manner has helped to reach a generation embedded in postmodernism. He is a sought aft...

  • Chip Gaines

    Episode 7

    Chip Gaines is the co-owner and co-founder of Magnolia Homes, and co-stars in HGTV's Fixer Upper with his wife, Joanna.