Gateway First Conference

Gateway First Conference

5 Seasons

The First Conference at Gateway Church is an event designed to help you discover your destiny by seeking God’s direction. Be encouraged and empowered to surrender your heart to His will, and ignite a passion to change the world for Christ!

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Gateway First Conference
  • John Gray

    Episode 1

    As an in demand speaker, John has traveled the world sharing the Gospel of the Kingdom in his unique and uncompromising way. From South Africa to Australia and many places in between, God has taken John around the world to speak to youth, young adults, entire churches, conferences and camps to sa...

  • Jack Hayford

    Episode 2

    Jack Hayford serves as Chancellor of The Kings University (formerly The King's College and Seminary) in Los Angeles and Dallas, which he founded in 1997.

  • John Maxwell

    Episode 3

    With so much hinging upon this philosophy I've made it my life's passion to develop leaders at all levels. I believe in you and the power of your influence to create a legacy within your sphere of influence that will leave behind an army of leaders who get the importance of strong leadership

  • Miles McPherson

    Episode 4

    In 2000, he felt called by God to start the Rock Church in San Diego. According to Outreach Magazine, the Rock has consistently been one of the nation's fastest growing and largest churches, with nearly 15,000 people attending one of the Rock's fifteen Sunday services, in addition to the services...

  • Tom Mullins

    Episode 5

    Dr. Tom and Donna Mullins are the founders of Christ Fellowship. Their desire to make a difference for Christ in Palm Beach County inspired them to start Christ Fellowship in their home in 1984. Their leadership has helped to grow the church from 40 people to over 30,000 on regional campuses in S...