Focus on Israel

3 Episodes

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  • Focus on Israel - Episode 05

    Episode 1

    Rabbis and pastors present scriptural basis for the establishment of the Jewish state. More and more discoveries are made each year that prove the Bible to be not only a holy text but a true historical book of amazing and miraculous events. It is a book written toIsrael, for Israel and about Israel.

  • Focus on Israel - Episode 07

    Episode 2

    Written history shows much evidence for the ancient state of Israel and show a Jewish presence in the Land of Israel for over three thousand years Much like archeology, historical writings provide a valuable link between Israel's past and present.

  • Focus on Israel - Episode 08

    Episode 3

    This program looks in depth at the political basis for the birth of Israel and also explains that international law gives Israel the right to the land it won during it's wars of survival. The political and legal basis is traced from the Balfour Declaration of 1917 to multiple UN resolutions. Feat...