• Fighting to Breathe: A Conversation on Justice

    Join Marcus and Joni Lamb as they host this special conversation on justice with Tim Ross, Dorothy Newton, and Matti Cook-Smith to listen, learn, and lead the way forward together.

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  • UNITE714

    Join churches, pastors, leaders, and believers across the globe in praying to see COVID-19 eradicated and a spiritual awakening in our lands with UNITE714, hosted by Steve Robinson.

  • Rashid Buttar | Del Bigtree

    06.02.20 | Don’t miss out as we put vaccines in the hot seat – asking some of the questions and exposing hidden truths with Dr. Rashid Buttar & Del Bigtree.

  • Aquilla Nash

    06.01.2020 | Join us as the Lamb Family prays for racial justice and peace across our nation and healing for the George Floyd family. Then, Aquilla Nash shares wisdom & a prophetic word over today’s generation.

  • E21 Pentecost Sunday

    Be empowered to make a spiritual impact on your world with E21’s Pentecost Sunday, an online event designed to help you get clarity from the Holy Spirit about what is next.

  • Pentecost | Troy Brewer

    Troy Brewer is at the table to bring an exciting new word that points to a supernatural empowering of the Church for walking in this new era. (J2044)