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  • Pentecost | Troy Brewer

    Troy Brewer is at the table to bring an exciting new word that points to a supernatural empowering of the Church for walking in this new era. (J2044)

  • War on Words Pt. 2 | Jimmy Evans

    The War on Words is heating up! Jimmy Evans is back at the table to share more about the enemy’s tactics as more End Time events unfold. (J1983)

  • COVID - 19 | Robert F. Kennedy Jr. & Del Bigtree

    Are vaccines the answer to the Coronavirus outbreak? Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Del Bigtree are at the table on the topic of vaccinations and the truth behind their planned use against COVID-19. (J1977)

  • Covid-19 Crisis

    8 videos

    What does God’s story say about the future of humanity? As chaos and confusion grip people around the globe, where can you turn to find answers?

    COVID-19 Crisis is a specially produced series of programs designed to give you a biblical perspective on the pandemic currently impacting the world. F...