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  • Danette Crawford

    06.09.2021 | Join us as Danette Crawford of Danette Crawford Ministries shares her story of faith and restoration through her books “Don’t Quit in the Pit” and “Break Free.”

  • Abortion Series

    5 videos

    Abby Johnson, Founder of LiveAction Lila Rose, abortion survivor Claire Culwell and others join the table to reveal the truth about what goes on inside the abortion industry and its effects.

  • Skip Heitzing

    06.08.2021 | Join us as Jewish educator and author, Rabbi Tuly Weisz, discusses the current state of the land of Israel. Then Pastor of Calvary Church, Skip Heitzing, discusses his book “Biography of God” and the proofs that point to His existence.

  • Dr. Michael Youssef

    06.07.2021 | Join us as the Pastor of The Church of the Apostles, Dr. Michael Youssef, discusses his book “Hope for this Present Crisis,” being “woke” in today’s society and revival in our country.