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  • Shannon Bream | Christine Caine

    06.15.21 | Don’t miss this incredibly impactful episode as Shannon Bream reveals powerful faith-filled women to be inspired by alongside her book, “The Women of the Bible Speak.” Then, Christine Caine talks about the value of serving in ministry and why we should never quit, pulling insight from...

  • God's Sovereignty on Earth & in Our Stories

    Dr. Ed Hindson talks about the second coming of Jesus, David Harris Jr. breaks the silence and tackles some of today's biggest issues, Eric Metaxas opens up about feeling like a fish out of water, Mike Lindell shares his journey from crack addict to CEO.

  • Refreshing Times Devotional

    4 videos

    Start your year off right as Joni kicks off our special devotional series with guests like Marilyn Hickey, Dodie Osteen and more..

  • Merlon Devine | Brandon Porter

    06.14.21 | Don’t miss out as Merlon Devine lays down some sweet tunes with his saxophone, and then, Bishop Brandon Porter shares a special message about being made in the image and likeness of God.

  • Danette Crawford

    06.09.2021 | Join us as Danette Crawford of Danette Crawford Ministries shares her story of faith and restoration through her books “Don’t Quit in the Pit” and “Break Free.”

  • Abortion Series

    5 videos

    Abby Johnson, Founder of LiveAction Lila Rose, abortion survivor Claire Culwell and others join the table to reveal the truth about what goes on inside the abortion industry and its effects.