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  • Jim & Amanda Domen

    09.22.2020 | Don’t miss out as Jim & Amanda Domen share their story, heart for the LGBTQ community, and vision for Church United.

  • Vaccines: The Unauthorized Truth Pt. 8 | Robert Kennedy Jr

    Are you ready for the truth? Robert Kennedy Jr. is back at the table for more on the Vaccine Industry and what they’re not telling you. (J2050)

  • David & Nicole Crank

    09.21.2020 | David & Nicole Crank share how God is still on the move, birthing new dreams and encouraging His people to be goal getters.

  • You Can Hear God’s Voice | Kevin Zadai

    Kevin Zadai stops by to share about his journey to heaven and a divine encounter that revealed a message for the times we’re living in. (J2068)