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Dreamweek Conference is an event created to empower you to accomplish everything God had in mind when He made you. Discover how to overcome the obstacles standing in the way of your destiny and transform the culture for Christ, one life at time.

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  • "Like As We Are" | Tommy Barnett

    Episode 1

    "Like As We Are"
    Tommy Barnett
    CRC Dreamweek 2018

  • "He's Not Safe, But He's Good" | Tommy Barnett

    Episode 2

    Embrace the adventure of faith as Pastor Tommy Barnett reveals the places you'll go with God and why He can be trusted to lead you down the road less traveled from Dreamweek Conference!

  • "Killing Kryptonite" | John Bevere

    Episode 3

    Live in fullness and strength as John Bevere shares the impact of spiritual kryptonite and how you can identify and defeat it in your life from Dreamweek Conference!

  • "Jesus is the Key for the Greater" | Russell Evans

    Episode 4

    Unlock power and authority as Pastor Russell Evans shares how to discover your destiny in Christ and live with passion and purpose from Dreamweek Conference!

  • "God's Presence is Key to Blessing" | Russell Evans

    Episode 5

    Release supernatural power as Pastor Russell Evans shares how the presence of God can transform your life, leading to freedom, protection, joy and more from Dreamweek Conference!

  • "Breathe Again" | Charlotte Gambill

    Episode 6

    Leave behind the pain of your past as Pastor Charlotte Gambill shares how to prophesy over your future and experience total restoration in Christ from Dreamweek Conference!

  • "For His Glory" | John Hannah

    Episode 7

    Discover why your dreams matter as Pastor John Hannah shares how to use your gifts for God's Glory and experience victory in every situation from Dreamweek Conference!

  • "Prepare to Fight for It" | John Hannah

    Episode 8

    Find courage and strength for every challenge as Pastor John Hannah shares how to boldly face your future and fight for it armed with overcoming faith from Dreamweek Conference!

  • "Impartation Service" | Marcus Lamb

    Episode 9

    Embrace the power of the anointing as Marcus Lamb shares how you can receive it and live an overcoming life empowered by the Holy Spirit from Dreamweek Conference!

  • "Don't Give Up On Your Dream" | Marcus Lamb

    Episode 10

    Increase your vision for the future as Marcus Lamb reveals how to take bold steps of faith today that will lead to victory tomorrow from Christian Revival Church in South Africa.

  • "Grow - Part 1" | Charles Nieman

    Episode 11

    Uncover life-changing wisdom as Pastor Charles Nieman shares how to increase your influence through intimacy with God from Dreamweek Conference!

  • "Grow - Part 2" | Charles Nieman

    Episode 12

    Reveal how to experience a river of blessing as Pastor Charles Nieman shares why it's critical to embrace change and grow in Christ from Dreamweek Conference!

  • "Doing Life" | Ray McCauley

    Episode 13

    Discover your role in the Kingdom as Pastor Ray McCauley reveals how to connect with God's will and be empowered for life from Dreamweek Conference!