CFNI Worship & Leadership Conference

CFNI Worship & Leadership Conference

4 Episodes

As believers, we are called to a higher purpose. Driven by faith, our pursuit of God’s Kingdom defines our lives, guiding us to restore, redeem, and rebuild the world through the life-changing power of the Gospel!

The CFNI Rebuild Worship and Leadership Conference is an opportunity to connect with God’s plan for your life, empowering you to live with passion. Become equipped and inspired to reshape the culture as you encounter the Father’s heart for you!

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CFNI Worship & Leadership Conference
  • "How To Avoid Breaking Your Nets" | Daniel Kolenda

    Episode 1

    Reveal how to use your gifts for God's glory! Identify and explore your unique role in ministry and how it can strengthen the body of Christ as Daniel Kolenda shares an insightful message from CFNI ReBuild Worship & Leadership Conference!

  • "The Power Of the Holy Spirit" | Daniel Kolenda

    Episode 2

    Ignite your passion to reach the world! Get a fresh vision for the Kingdom as Daniel Kolenda shares how the powerful presence of God can transform families, communities and nations from CFNI ReBuild Worship & Leadership Conference!

  • "The Apostolic Edge" | Marco Barrientos

    Episode 3

    You were created for a Kingdom purpose! Explore how to connect with God's calling and live with passion as Marcos Barrientos shares a message that will transform your life from CFNI ReBuild Worship & Leadership Conference!

  • "How to be a Success in Life" | Thomas Miller

    Episode 4

    Unlock the strategies to success in life and ministry! Discover how loving God and serving people can help you experience divine favor as Pastor Thomas Miller shares an inspiring message from CFNI ReBuild Worship & Leadership Conference!