Voice of Healing Conference

Voice of Healing Conference

4 Episodes

The Voice of Healing Conference draws individuals from across the globe to Christ for the Nations Institute (CFNI) in Dallas, TX for the purpose of activating the healing power of God in their bodies, hearts and minds. An annual event, the conference presents an opportunity for believers from around the world to gather together and seek the Lord as one body.

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Voice of Healing Conference
  • "The Force of the Holy Spirit" | Billy Burke

    Episode 1

    Christ for the Nations Voice of Healing Conference

  • "The Physical Restoration of the Jewish People" | Barry Segal

    Episode 2

    Barry Segal is the founder of Vision for Israel & The Joseph Storehouse, a non-profit organization developed to help build and restore the Holy Land. He is also well known as a musician and international bible speaker. Join him for a dynamic message as he speaks at Christ for the Nations Institut...

  • Nathan Morris

    Episode 3

    Nathan Morris delivers a timely message from the 2015 CFNI Voice of Healing Conference.

  • Heidi Baker

    Episode 4

    Heidi Baker delivers an inspirational message from the 2015 CFNI Voice of Healing Conference.