CBN Jerusalem Dateline

CBN Jerusalem Dateline

15 Episodes

For over 30 years, CBN News has delivered news with a Christian perspective. Our expanded operations include news bureaus in Washington, D.C., and Jerusalem as well as resources at CBN international facilities around the world. In addition to producing news for the award-winning 700 Club, CBN News produces daily newscasts and weekly news programs that are available for distribution.

CBN News is a trusted news source because of demonstrated Christian Values and an understanding of issues and events from a biblical perspective. We provide positive, uplifting stories about what God is doing in the world today and how He is changing lives, and history, through His church.

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CBN Jerusalem Dateline
  • CBN Exclusive: Armenian President: Turkey behind Azerbaijan-Armenia War

    Episode 1

    10.16.20 | Despite ceasefire, Azerbaijan-Armenia fighting rages; Armenian president tells CBN News Turkey behind the trouble; plus Saudi Arabia could be next Gulf state to make peace with Israel; and Jerusalem Dep. Mayor leads historic women's meeting in Dubai.

  • Netanyahu: Israel Could Take Up to a Year to Exit from COVID

    Episode 2

    10.02.20 | Israel could take a year to emerge from COVID lockdown; and the IDF helping Israelis cope with corona; plus, a Jewish leader condemns comparison of Trump to Hitler; and thousands of Christians can't come for Feast of Tabernacles but can visit online.

  • Lockdown: 'Synagogue May Be Closed, but Gates of Heaven Are Open'

    Episode 3

    09.25.20 | Israel ramps up restrictions in its second coronavirus lockdown; and what will Yom Kippur - one of the holiest days on the Jewish calendar look - like under COVID? Plus in Iran - a new survey shows many Iranians are dissatisfied with their religion.

  • Best & Worst of Times: Israel-UAE, Bahrain Deals, 2nd COVID-19 Lockdown

    Episode 4

    09.18.20 | The best of times, the worst of times as Israel signs historic deals with UAE and Bahrain, then enters 2nd COVID-19 lockdown, what's next?; and Israel’s Iron Dome anti-rocket system in a new documentary series; and Rosh HaShanah sounding the shofar.

  • Excitement High Over UAE Deal, But Some Arab States Await US Elections

    Episode 5

    09.12.20 | As the Jewish High Holidays approach, Israel could face another COVID-19 lockdown; plus, excitement running high over Israel-UAE peace deal, but some Arab states are waiting for the outcome of US elections; and God at work behind the scenes in Iran.

  • 20 Years in Jerusalem: Reporting Historical Events, Fulfilling the Bible

    Episode 6

    09.05.20 | As the Jewish High Holidays approach, Israel could face another COVID-19 lockdown; plus, excitement running high over Israel-UAE peace deal, but some Arab states are waiting for the outcome of US elections; and God at work behind the scenes in Iran.

  • Experts Say Israel-UAE Deal Could Be an Economic Boon to Both Countries

    Episode 7

    8.28.20 | US Secretary of State Pompeo visits Israel and other regional states hoping to expand the UAE-Israel peace deal; and a report on how the agreement might be an economic boon to both countries; and Israeli teens discover rare ancient gold coin hoard.

  • Could Israel-UAE Peace Deal Be Fulfilling Prophecy? Some Say, ‘Yes’

    Episode 8

    Could Israel-UAE peace deal be part of prophecy? And a miracle in Beirut saves scores of lives in the epicenter of the devastating blast; and Israeli Air Force planes fly over Germany and the Dachau death camp for the first time ever.

  • Israel’s UN Ambassador Tells CBN Sovereignty Could Happen in August

    Episode 9

    7.31.20 | Israel warns Lebanon to control Hezbollah or face consequences; and CBN News interviews Israel's UN ambassador who says Israel could declare sovereignty in parts of Judea, Samaria soon; and Jewish immigration to Israel increases despite COVID-19.

  • Iran’s Nuclear Program Could Suffer Two-Year Setback from Blast

    Episode 10

    7.24.20 | Sabotage? Iran's nuclear program could suffer 2-year setback from blast; plus NBA star asks why Turkey’s leader converted Hagia Sophia into a mosque saying Istanbul mosques aren’t half full; and excavation uncovers Jerusalem from King Hezekiah’s day.

  • Historic Israel, UAE Peace Deal Puts Judea, Samaria Sovereignty on Hold

    Episode 11

    Trump announces a historic peace deal between Israel and UAE; and Lebanon teeters on the brink of collapse - who is behind the explosion that decimated Beirut; and Christians there call for prayer; and CBN News’ Middle East Bureau turns twenty.

  • Beirut Explodes: The Blast that Changed a City, a Country and the Mideast

    Episode 12

    08.07.20 | The blast that changed a city, a country and the Mideast – it left Lebanon devastated, looking for answers. Who's responsible? And what's next for Beirut, once was called the Paris of the Middle East? And a look at what the Bible says about Lebanon.

  • Erdogan Declares Historic Church a Mosque, Promises to Liberate Al Aqsa

    Episode 13

    7.17.20 | Turkey’s Erdogan declares Hagia Sophia a mosque, pledges to liberate Jerusalem’s al Aqsa mosque; plus Israel battles new wave of COVID-19 & social protests; and CBN Founder Pat Robertson explains his lifelong commitment to Israel & the Jewish people.

  • Black Lives Matter Movement Advances Anti-Semitism in Protests

    Episode 14

    07.10.20 | Mysterious blasts rock Iran's nuclear & missile facilities: who did it? And Turkey's President wants to turn world famous church into a mosque; plus BLM advances anti-Semitism in protests; and a look at a Christian Zionist gift to the Jewish people.

  • Netanyahu Says Israel Still Set to Extend Sovereignty over Judea, Samaria

    Episode 15

    July 1 passes without sovereignty move, Netanyahu says it’s still possible; and God TV Hebrew broadcasts suspended by Israeli authorities; plus living on Golan Heights under Syrian, Iranian threat; and new discoveries from Ezra and Nehemiah’s era.