CBN Jerusalem Dateline

CBN Jerusalem Dateline

8 Episodes

For over 30 years, CBN News has delivered news with a Christian perspective. Our expanded operations include news bureaus in Washington, D.C., and Jerusalem as well as resources at CBN international facilities around the world. In addition to producing news for the award-winning 700 Club, CBN News produces daily newscasts and weekly news programs that are available for distribution.

CBN News is a trusted news source because of demonstrated Christian Values and an understanding of issues and events from a biblical perspective. We provide positive, uplifting stories about what God is doing in the world today and how He is changing lives, and history, through His church.

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CBN Jerusalem Dateline
  • Christian Businesspeople Fight BDS by Doing Business with Israel

    Episode 1

    12.07.19 | Iranians defy tyrannical regime, cry for freedom. Could Iran’s Islamic Republic collapse? Plus NATO leaders question Turkey’s role at 70th anniversary meeting; and Christian businesspeople visit Israel, take on BDS by blessing instead of boycotting.

  • Iranian Protesters Shout Death to Supreme Leader Khameni

    Episode 2

    11.29.19 | After indictment, Netanyahu faces new political threats. Can he survive? Plus, Iranian protesters call for regime overthrow; and why Israelis live on the Golan Heights when Iranian threat is so nearby; and world's fastest growing church is in Iran.

  • Political Earthquake as Netanyahu Indicted, Still No New Government

    Episode 3

    11.22.19 | Political earthquake as Netanyahu indicted on fraud, bribery charges; will he be overthrown or can he hold onto power? Plus uproar as US says Israeli settlements not illegal; and CBN CEO Gordon Robertson on why Christians stand with Israel.

  • Millions of Israelis Take Cover as Terrorists Fire Hundreds of Rockets

    Episode 4

    11.15.19 | Millions of Israelis take cover as Islamic Jihad fires hundreds of rockets; will a shaky cease fire hold? Plus Turkey's President Erdogan meets President Trump, who says NE Syria ceasefire is holding. But those on the ground tell a different story.

  • Turkish-Backed Jihadist Forces Assaulting ‘Zone of Death’ in NE Syria

    Episode 5

    11.08.19 | Turkish-backed Jihadist army keeps up assault on 'zone of death' in NE Syria -- who will help? And could Turkish invasion be just first step in Erdogan's dream of a Greater Turkey? Plus a stunning tribute to a Free Burma Ranger who died saving lives.

  • ‘Soft’ Ethnic Cleansing as Jihadists Steal Christian Lands in NE Syria

    Episode 6

    11.01.19 | Christians, Kurds caught in crossfire as fighting continues in NE Syria; plus ‘soft’ ethnic cleansing as Jihadists steal Christian lands; and South Africans premiere biblical musical of Daniel in Jerusalem to bless the Jewish State.

  • Major Powers Vie for Control in NE Syria, Christians Warn of Genocide

    Episode 7

    10.25.19 | Major powers vie for control in NE Syria as Trump suggests Kurds flee to oil rich areas, Christians warn Turkey might commit genocide; and will Netanyahu's opponent form gov’t where he failed?; plus Love in the Face of ISIS - praying for the MidEast.

  • NE Syria under Turkish Assault: Who Will Help Kurds, Christians?

    Episode 8

    10.11.19 | Thousands flee as Turkey assaults NE Syria after US troops withdraw: who will help Kurds, Christians? And anti-Semitism flares with attempted Yom Kippur synagogue attack in Germany; plus tens of millions of Christians pray for the peace of Jerusalem.