CBN Jerusalem Dateline

CBN Jerusalem Dateline

15 Episodes

For over 30 years, CBN News has delivered news with a Christian perspective. Our expanded operations include news bureaus in Washington, D.C., and Jerusalem as well as resources at CBN international facilities around the world. In addition to producing news for the award-winning 700 Club, CBN News produces daily newscasts and weekly news programs that are available for distribution.

CBN News is a trusted news source because of demonstrated Christian Values and an understanding of issues and events from a biblical perspective. We provide positive, uplifting stories about what God is doing in the world today and how He is changing lives, and history, through His church.

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CBN Jerusalem Dateline
  • Israel and Hamas Agree to Ceasefire but Where Will It Lead?

    Episode 1

    05.21.21 | Israel, Hamas agree to ceasefire but where will it lead? And Israel's Iron Dome technology, saving lives on both sides of the conflict; and we'll visit a family whose home was hit by a Hamas rocket; plus, the worst Israeli-Arab violence in decades.

  • Will Israelis Finally Get a Gov’t or Are They Heading for Fifth Election?

    Episode 2

    05.07.21 | Israeli President Rivlin tasks Yair Lapid with forming next government - can he succeed where Netanyahu failed? Plus former Secretary of State Pompeo addresses the threat of Iran; and praying for Muslims during their holy month of Ramadan.

  • 'Great Tragedy’ Hits Israel, Dozens Trampled to Death at Jewish Festival

    Episode 3

    04.30.21 | Dozens killed in stampede as tragedy hits Jewish religious festival; and social media used to fuel Arab unrest in Jerusalem; plus Israel makes plans for re-opening to tourists after a year of COVID closures; and pre-pandemic tourism to the Holy Land.

  • Iran Ramps Up Uranium Enrichment Close to Weapons-Grade, What’s Next?

    Episode 4

    Iran ramps up uranium enrichment - fighter pilot, who struck Saddam's nuclear reactor in 1981, explains Israel’s options; plus, unique Jewish archives rescued from Iraq, in danger; and Counting the Omer, biblical link between Passover and Pentecost.

  • Iran Threatens War as Israel Celebrates Its 73rd Independence Day

    Episode 5

    04.16.21 | Iran threatens war, accuses Israel of attacking its nuclear facility; and Green Pass: privileges or discrimination based on vaccination status; and rare discovery unites history, the Gospels in modern Israel; and Israelis celebrate Independence Day.

  • Netanyahu at Holocaust Memorial: No Iranian Nuclear Deal Will Bind Us

    Episode 6

    04.09.21 | US, Iran agree to talks to re-enter nuclear deal. Is Israel at risk? Plus, Iran, China agree to multi-year, multi-billion-dollar deal that critics warn increases China's Mideast influence; and Israel remembers 6 million Jews murdered in Holocaust.

  • Walk Through the Bible in Jerusalem in the Places of Jesus’ Passion

    Episode 7

    04.02.21 | From the Mount of Olives to the Upper Room, to the Garden of Gethsemane and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre - remembering the last days of Jesus in Jerusalem; plus a tour of the Garden Tomb where many believe Jesus was buried and rose from the dead.

  • First Time in Decades, Judean Desert Biblical Scroll Fragments Revealed

    Episode 8

    03.20.21 | For the 1st time in nearly 60 years, biblical scroll fragments found in Judean Desert are revealed; and Israeli elections - 39 parties to choose from and one question: are you for Netanyahu or against him? Plus, redemption from the rubble in Beirut.

  • Israel Prepares for Fourth Election in Two Years and War with Hezbollah

    Episode 9

    03.12.21 | Israel poised for 4th election in 2 years, will results bring stability? and Naftali Bennett, could he be kingmaker or even become king? plus, Israel readies for war with Hezbollah; and Joel Rosenberg's new novel, about how that war could unfold.

  • Israel Slams ICC Decision to Investigate Jewish State for War Crimes

    Episode 10

    03.05.21 | Israel slams International Criminal Court decision to investigate Jewish State for war crimes; plus an exclusive report on the Daughters of Kobani, Kurdish women who stood up to ISIS; and Follow the Lights, Jerusalem puts on a light show for Israel.

  • As Tension Builds Between Israel & Iran, Impact Felt on Northern Border

    Episode 11

    02.27.21 | Tension builds between Israel and Iran over its nuclear program and the impact is felt up on Israel's northern border; plus, could Saudi Arabia allow a Christian church in the heart of Islam? and Written in Stone, the evidence for King David.

  • Rare Storm Covers Jerusalem with Snow; US Re-Enters Iran Nuclear Deal

    Episode 12

    02.20.21 | Jerusalem shrouded in snow from rare Mideast storm; and Israel grapples with vaccination campaign; plus, what impact did the Abraham Accords have on the BDS Movement against Israel? and Biden calls Netanyahu and then US re-enters Iran nuclear deal.

  • Stage Set for Possible Israel-Iran Clash, How Will Biden Respond?

    Episode 13

    01.29.21 | Stage set for possible Israel-Iran clash; and Judea, Samaria want Washington to stay Trump's course in biblical heartland; plus do South Africans think Israel is an Apartheid state? And Holocaust remembrance at Israel's heart-wrenching memorial.

  • For the First Time, Iran Admits It Could Pursue a Nuclear Bomb

    Episode 14

    02.12.21 | Iran admits it could pursue a nuclear bomb; and ICC decides it’s allowed to investigate Israel for war crimes; and new Israeli drug could blunt the COVID-19 pandemic; plus disturbing parallels between the treatment of Trump supporters and communism.

  • CBN News Exclusive: Amb. Friedman Details Trump’s Mideast Achievements

    Episode 15

    01.22.21 | How will Pres. Biden deal with Israel, Mideast? CBN News asks former US ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, about Trump’s Mideast achievements and pitfalls Biden’s team should avoid; and celebrating Jesus’ baptism on Jordan River despite COVID-19.